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Liz Cheney Says a Jordan Speakership Would Be the End of the Constitution

This lady is so toxic.  

God protect us from Satan. 

Liz Cheney makes claims accusing Jim Jordan of sedition claiming he knew more about Jan 6 than anyone else in the House.


Liz Cheney knew more about Jan 6 than anyone else beside corrupt and evil Speaker Pelosi.  Pelosi even brought in her daughter to film that day.  If she was concerned she never would have had her daughter show.  Pelosi wanted video of her crimes.

Cheney covered them all up in the farcical Jan 6 committee that only the dumbest and most brainwashed in the land believe.  Cheney then discarded half of the evidence from that day.

Cheney and Pelosi put people like Ryan Samsel in solitary confinement with a bucket for a toilet for months. Something worse than any of the actions the US took on retained terrorists.

EXCLUSIVE: General Flynn Comments on Torture of Jan 6 Prisoner Ryan Samsel

Four Trump supporters died on Jan 6 but many more died after.

MUST SEE: Laura Logan Releases First Segment on Jan 6 – The Mathew Perna Story – Part 1 (VIDEO)

People that created the attack on the Capital and instigated the crowd were set free.

OUTRAGEOUS – Ray Epps Arrested on a Misdemeanor for His Actions on Jan 6

Thank the Lord Jesus that Liz Cheney is no longer in the House. 

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