LIVE FROM HONG KONG: Information Coming Out of China Indicate More Coronavirus Deaths Are Occurring than Being Reported

As of this morning, John Hopkins CSSE is reporting that 1,526 individuals have died from the Wuhan coronavirus. However, many believe that these numbers may be way understated.

One report claims that based on the number of individuals cremated every day in Wuhan, there is around 8,000 deaths from the coronavirus:

Another report coming from the Epoch Times indicates the numbers of deaths in Wuhan from the coronavirus are way low. President Xi’s actions were too late and as a result the political and economic repercussions are devastating:

Another indicate comes from the number of crows showing up in Hubei province:

In Hong Kong Disneyland has been closed for weeks now. Yesterday it was announced that the amusement park hotels will be used for lodging individuals with the coronavirus should it become necessary in Hong Kong. Schools in Hong Kong and most of China are closed till mid-March.

The Wuhan coronavirus is now considered a pandemic.

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