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List of Media Personalities Paid to Promote DeSantis Likely Coming Out

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis reportedly paid influencers to share their support for him during his run for President. 

The Daily Mail reported in January 2022 that Governor DeSantis was getting together with media personalities in an effort to run for President.  This was long before he ever announced his candidacy.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has been courting conservative influencers at the governor’s mansion as his feud with former President Donald Trump grows.

Politico reported that DeSantis’ team has been reaching out to conservative media and online personalities to get them face-time with the Republican governor.

On January 6, for instance, DeSantis invited social media stars to Tallahassee for a stop at the governor’s office, dinner at the governor’s mansion and drinks at Level 8 Lounge, a popular rooftop bar near the Florida statehouse, Politico said.

The group included Fox News’ Lisa Marie Boothe, Turning Point USA’s Benny Johnson, Newsweek opinion editor Josh Hammer, The Rubin Report’s Dave Rubin, New York Post and columnist Karol Markowicz, Claremont Institute fellow David Reaboi and conservative writers Jordan Schachtel and John Cardillo.

Many Americans felt that this was no right after the 2020 Election was stolen from President Trump.  Rather than turn a blind eye on the 2020 Election steal, many conservatives thought that the steal should have been uncovered, those involved outed and punished for their crimes, and President Trump backed at all costs for the massive crime against him and America.

DeSantis and those who worked with him were known as traitors.

Rumors are now coming out that DeSantis paid people to promote him in the media.

That’s some cash paid to these individuals.

We may soon find out the whole story as DeSantis’s campaign is falling fast and it is expected that he soon will be back working for the state of Florida while jumping out of the race. 

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