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LINDELL IS RIGHT – Judge in BS Eric Coomer Case Allowed Attorneys to Depose Lindell and Others – Disgrace (VIDEO)

Mike Lindell went off on the attorneys and the judge in the BS case coming out of Colorado against him and others for sharing reports of remarks made by Dominion’s Eric Coomer. 

Eric Coomer admits to being a skinhead and a heroin addict.  He shared, “F*ck the USA”.

He was an executive at Dominion Voting Systems and hated President Trump.

After the election a group of individuals were sued by Coomer in a lawsuit in Colorado.  Every one sued has the right to free speech.

But the judge in the case believes that the case should continue.  She apparently has no idea what she is doing.  Mike Lindell knows this.

Lindell shared the following below:

The judge did not dismiss this case… She ruled an unfair ruling saying well, go ahead and do discovery and waste all your time while I’m sitting here not doing nothing.

Here’s another clip on this topic.  The judge in this case is a disgrace.

Mike is great. 

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