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LIBERALS FREAK: NYT, TIME, CNN and More Call for Joe Biden Removal

Biden Debate 1

Joe Biden showed his true colors last night and the world saw the clown show the Democrats call democracy. 

It was brutal as President Trump destroyed corrupt and senile Joe Biden who acted like the 80-year-old geriatric patient, which he is.

Only days ago the far-left communists running Big Media were telling us how great and functional Joe Biden is.

Then came last night’s debate. Even CNN fact-checked Biden on his lies.

CNN also indicated that Biden had the questions before the debate and still failed:

They are all freaking out now.  The truth about Biden is now allowed.

The New York Times reports:

After last night, many Democrats are panicked.

They hoped that President Biden, 81, could convince voters that his age was nothing to worry about. That he could counter Donald Trump’s wild accusations and relentless falsehoods with confidence. He didn’t.

Biden’s voice was hoarse and halting. His answers were often unclear, and he struggled to finish his thoughts. “Rather than dispel concerns about his age,” wrote my colleague Peter Baker, Biden “made it the central issue.”

Some Democrats are now pushing for him to drop out of the race. “Biden is about to face a crescendo of calls to step aside,” a Democratic strategist told Peter. “Joe had a deep well of affection among Democrats. It has run dry.”

TIME reports:

For Democrats who tuned into Thursday night’s debate looking to calm their worries about President Joe Biden’s age and acuity, they came away with zero remedy. Within 10 minutes of the CNN-hosted event’s start, some of even Biden’s most loyal supporters found themselves asking if the nomination was, in fact, settled.


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