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LIBERAL TEARS – Former US AG Says 14th Amendment Doesn’t Apply to President Trump

A expert on the US Constitution says that the 14th Amendment does not apply to President Trump. 

Democrat communists and haters of America are trying to bastardize the 14th Amendment and based on lies and projections claim that President Trump can be prevented from running for the Presidency because he committed sedition.  This is a lie.  All these America and constitution haters and their hateful and dishonest media report are on the wrong side again.

President Trump had his election stolen by the communists and Uniparty animals who attempted a coup of his administration after he beat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Election.  Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Jim Comey, John Brennan and more, worked together on a lie created by Hillary Clinton to attempt to attach President Trump to collusion with Russia.  It was a lie and now the whole world knows that these goons tried to remove President Trump from office based on lies.

Hillary and the Biden family made millions from Russia and China and yet they tried to project their seditious crimes onto President Trump.

Now hateful animals like Andrew Weissmann and Norm Eisen are trying to claim that President Trump would be ineligible for office if he is convicted in a kangaroo court of the sedition that they took part in during President Trump’s Administration.  Both Weissmann and Eisen were involved in the attempted coup of President Trump and they both appear involved in the recent BS court cases against President Trump going on today.

Using the corrupt courts and corrupt Obama judges, the Deep State devils are trying to pin their sedition on President Trump.  This is a lie and total projection.

These communist animals believe that President Trump would be ineligible for office if convicted of sedition in a BS court.

Fortunately for the American people this is a lie.

Former Attorney General under President GW Bush, Michael Mukasey says that the President is not to be considered in the 14th Amendment.  He says that the 14th Amendment does not apply to President Trump.

So sad for the stupid and corrupt Trump haters.

President Trump did not take the oath as an officer of the country as noted in the Constitution under the 14th Amendment.  It doesn’t apply to the Presidency.  Also, no one has standing against him from serving.

Mukasey says that President Trump has not been charged with sedition and the corrupt DOJ did not attach President Trump to any BS cases against Jan 6ers.  The DOJ was probably afraid they would be found out being being the Jan 6 riots through discovery.

This is all just another seditious act by the Uniparty and American haters to attack President Trump.  It’s total projection.

The Deep State never even in their wildest dreams imagined that President Trump’s base would stick with him for so long.  The Deep State never dreamed that Americans would support President Trump more and more as the corruption continued.  Now millions of Americans are getting on the Trump train.

Haters are now crazy with hate. 

See Mukasey’s remarks below:





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