Leo Hohmann: Islam Is Getting Restless at Home and Abroad, and the U.S. Government Loves It | Joe Hoft


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Leo Hohmann: Islam Is Getting Restless at Home and Abroad, and the U.S. Government Loves It


Islam is getting restless at home and abroad, and the U.S. government loves it

Guest post by Leo Hohmann

Attacks on U.S. assets domestically and overseas are all part of a broader plan to destabilize, divide, demoralize and deconstruct the waning American empire

In case you haven’t noticed — and I’ll forgive you if you’ve checked out in need of a respite from the continuous barrage of insane “news” recently — the barbarians are inside the gates and they’re getting restless.

On Saturday night in D.C., tens of thousands of useful idiots stormed the White House gates, spread feces and fake blood all over, defaced statues, and generally were out of control in showing their support for the Hamas butchers. I doubt many of them realize exactly who or what they are supporting but it must have felt good so they did it. People, especially young people, are angry. And angry people are easily manipulated through their emotions.

Meanwhile, another mob of about 200 “pro-Palestinian” protesters gathered at a port in Oakland, California, and breached a U.S. military supply ship that they believed was about to set sail for Israel with military aid on board. The protesters chanted “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.” This slogan has become a battle cry for eliminating Israel from the map. Watch below.

A few days earlier, last Tuesday, a group of pro-Hamas protesters invaded the U.S. Capitol in Washington, disrupted an official proceeding that was in session featuring testimony by Secretary of State Antony Blinken, and were escorted out without, to my knowledge, any serious charges being filed.

Blinken’s response to the heckling and disruption of his testimony could not have been more different from the government’s response to the disruptions of another official proceeding on January 6, 2021.

Blinken referenced the demonstrators by saying the U.S. is committed to “protecting civilian life. I also hear very much the passions expressed in this room and outside this room. All of us are committed to the protection of civilian life.”

Basically, Blinken told the Hamas agitators “I feel your pain,” and went back to business.

All of this rage, whether real or induced by billionaire elites paying people to get out in the streets, is being acted upon without any fear of mass roundups, pre-dawn raids on the protesters’ homes by the FBI, congressional investigative hearings, or threatening rhetoric from a local mayor, let alone the White House.

And the rage against America over the situation in Israel is not limited to inside America.

On Sunday, thousands of angry Muslims attempted to storm the Incirlik Air Base housing U.S. troops near Adana, Turkey. Watch the unbelievable footage below.

I would be surprised if a single person faces any serious punishment for storming a U.S. airbase in a country that’s supposedly a member in good standing of NATO.

So, this is why it is my contention that the U.S. government is completely fine with the increasing hostility and chaos going on in our major cities, at the U.S. Capitol, at sea ports, and even on U.S. military bases abroad.

And I could be convinced that in the interest of our First Amendment rights, most of this activity should be absolutely legal and tolerated in a country that prides itself on its free speech, freedom to assemble, and to express one’s political views no matter how unpopular.

But this has nothing to do with respecting free speech and free expression.

The U.S. government actually hates the idea of free speech and the First Amendment. We saw how quickly on January 6 they dismissed that as an old-fashioned concept when it was right-wingers who were doing the protesting and the expressing of their political views and opinions. Nobody felt our pain.

Always remember that actions speak louder than words. So, we must deduct from the government’s actions that it supports the pro-Hamas, pro-Palestinian, and pro-Islamic worldview being shoved down our throats right now by these folks out in the streets playing the role of disrupters.

Biden’s vice president, Kamala Harris, pretty much told us as much during her announcement last week that the Biden administration will be launching an “anti-Islamophobia” crusade here in America. This is the government coming right out in the open and telling us that speech deemed to be too critical of Muslims or Islam will be treated differently than speech critical of Jews or Christians.

When a government officially tells you that it favors one religion over another, it’s time to worry. That’s a red flag like we’ve never before seen in America. We ought to take Harris and the regime at their word, that they have something serious up their sleeves, and it’s not going to be “democratic” as they so often brag about themselves being.

A true democracy, if that’s what you want to call it (American is actually a constitutional republic not a democracy, but that’s a topic for another day), would never choose to protect one religion as more special than all the others. Nearly 90 percent of the 4 to 5 million Muslims in America are immigrants or the sons and daughters of immigrants, and yet they get to be the favored ones with special protections that suspend the free-speech rights of non-Muslims? Something is wrong with that picture, folks, but it should not surprise us.

I laid out the globalist strategy to use Islam as a Trojan horse in my 2017 book, Stealth Invasion. I explained in that book why the U.S. government has for decades been using our tax dollars to blow up Muslim countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Syria, and Bosnia, and then take in hundreds of thousands of “refugees” from each of those countries.

It’s a favorite globalist tactic to bring down a great nation. You do it by replacing the native population with those from foreign cultures who do not share the host country’s values. In fact, most refugees from Somalia or Syria would say, if they’re honest, that they hate American values, in many cases for good reason. We used cluster bombs and cruise missiles to destroy their homelands so now we bring them here thinking they will want to assimilate into the same culture that just bombed their homes and sent them fleeing?

Not one of the wars fought by U.S. troops since the end of World War II has had anything to do with defending the American homeland. What these wars have done is create a very unstable world with a lot of pent-up hatred for America and Americans.

America is blessed with such favorable geography, surrounded by water and friendly neighbors, that it could never be conquered by a foreign invader if it had just resisted the temptation to build empire, if it had simply said, after World War II, that we will be open to trade with all nations but harbor hostilities toward none. And it would not have taken a rocket scientist to figure this out. Any nation blessed with a geographic location such as that enjoyed by America would be safe by simply having a reasonable defense budget focused on protecting its borders from foreign invaders. But those entrusted with running American foreign policy over the last 80-plus years have violated this simple wisdom at every turn.

Is it because they are stupid? I don’t think so. The elites who run America have pursued a policy that made them wealthy while making America unsafe.

The people who rise to the top positions at the U.S. State Department, the Pentagon, the White House National Security Council, etc., are the most highly educated among us. They come from elite families, attend elite universities, they have membership in elitist clubs like the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the World Economic Forum, the Atlantic Council, etc., and they have a highly developed plan for the world. They want to take down America as a free and independent nation and they know that the way to do that is by destroying its middle class. The only way to destroy the most dominant middle class in world history is from within, by dumbing down the education system, taxing oppressively, spending recklessly, opening up the borders to mass uncontrolled migration from nations that hate us, and pursuing policies that lead to chaos and disorder.

These elites believe that “out of chaos, comes order,” as in a new order based on Luciferian principles of tyranny, fear, and death to all people who do not make a good fit for their envisioned utopia.

Only then, after years of chaos, endless wars and disorder have destroyed everything, can they get on with their “Great Reset,” which is a euphemism for the New World Order that will underpin a completely transformed digital economy marked by digital IDs and central bank digital currencies. All human movement and every single financial transaction will be tracked in real time and assessed a social credit score, which will determine how much “freedom” you are allowed to possess. China is the laboratory, the testing ground, for the system they hope to bring to America and the West.

These elites know they cannot fully implement this beast system, doing away with all human freedom and the U.S. Constitution, until they bring America to its knees through another Great Depression and World War III.

If you think the tensions are high now, wait until the federal government announces that it is re-instituting the military draft. That will radicalize even more young people and set the streets ablaze with rioting and uprising. Something akin to a civil war in the streets will ensue. Martial law will be declared. In the fog of war, the government will round up its political enemies. Lists have already been prepared and plans have been made and beta tested for how to get many of us on the buses, the trains, the helicopters.

I’m not saying it will be successful, but don’t be naive. The plans are ready and waiting. The camps exist.

So do not take anything you see on on the “news” at face value. It’s all contrived. Even the attack on Israel was a set up. I labeled it as much on the very day after it happened and I stand by that article.

By all means keep preparing physically, mentally and spiritually, for tough times.

And never forget, the power these self-appointed elites have over us comes from one thing and one thing only – our compliance. If enough of us adopt a mindset of non-compliance, their power over us evaporates.

Godspeed my friends.

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