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Leo Hohmann: Henry Kissinger Just Endorsed the Premise of My Book, ‘Stealth Invasion’


In a stunning admission, Henry Kissinger just endorsed the premise of my book, ‘Stealth Invasion’.

Guest post by Leo Hohmann

In a shocking admission, the longtime CIA operative and globalist insider has a massive ‘oops we shouldn’t have done that’ moment. This mea culpa comes 40 years too late.

At the age of 100, globalist Henry Kissinger seems to have had a sudden burst of conscience not typically found in globalists of his stature.

During an interview with Politico this week, the former U.S. Secretary of State and adviser to eight presidents admitted it was a bad idea for Western nations to have brought in so many migrants from nations that hate us.

Kissinger told Axel Springer CEO Mathias Döpfner:

“It was a grave mistake to let in so many people of totally different culture and religion and concepts because it creates a pressure group inside each country…”

In one brief moment, Kissinger endorsed the premise of my book, Stealth Invasion: Muslim Conquest through Immigration and Resettlement Jihad, which warned that the United States and Europe were selling out their own people, creating parralel societies, nations within nations, that would, at the right moment, rise up and try to take over.

I warned that we Americans and Europeans would experience a comeuppance, a day of reckoning, after decades of importing refugees from places like Syria, Iraq, Sudan, Somalia, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Turkey, Yemen and Bosnia. More than 3 million have come to the U.S. from these and other hostile, jihadist-harboring, terror-infested nations over the past 40 years. They have come here under the Refugee Act of 1980, which created the legal framework for them to be brought here, given all manner of government giveaways, and placed on a fast track to full citizenship, often within a five-year period. Not all are bad people. But most of them have no intention of assimilating into Western culture. This is the program that gave us Ilhan Omar, a radical Islamic revolutionary, who has served multiple terms in the U.S. Congress representing the Cedar Riverside area of Minneapolis, Minnesota, which has absorbed tens of thousands of refugees from Somalia since 1990.

In my book, I document where these refugees have been placed in cities and towns across America, the problems they have caused, and warned that they were being brought here by traitorous members of Congress along with every president since George Herbert Walker Bush. President Trump slowed the flow of refugees, but he did not get Congress to repeal the Refugee Act of 1980, so as soon as he left office the Biden administration just made up for lost time and jumpstarted the refugee resettlements.

Now we are nearing the day of reckoning, when these Muslim refugees rise up and turn on us. If it doesn’t happen tomorrow, on the prescribed “day of rage,” it will happen further down the road. But it will happen. The dramatic influx of refugees from the Islamic world has led to a construction boom in mosques across the U.S. Every state has at least a few mosques and some have dozens and even hundreds. Even the least populated state in America, Wyoming, has at least three mosques that I am aware of.

For those unaware of what I’m talking about with regard to the “day of rage,” one of the co-founders of Hamas, Khalid Marshal, has called for a global uprising of Muslims and “day of rage” after Muslims emerge from their Friday prayers tomorrow, October 13, at mosques around the world. This is the first Friday since the Hamas massacre of more than 1,200 Israelis last weekend. Israel has responded with a carpet bombing campaign that is leveling Gaza. Both sides have referred to the other as “animals” and each side’s supporters are itching to see the other exterminated. Some of the rhetoric I’ve seen come out of the mouths of so-called Christians has shocked me. I understand a Muslim thirsting for blood because their scriptures endorse the path of war, whereas violence in the New Testament of the Bible seems to be relegated to defensive situations. We should be praying for peace, not cheering for the march toward World War III.

I pray that the Muslims are able to express their “rage” tomorrow, venting their anger at public protests while remaining peaceful. I pray Khalid Marshal’s words are not taken as a call to jihad, although some are reporting that’s exactly what it is, and that’s what it sounds like to me as well. Take a look below:

Hamas is a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood. It doesn’t help that, as I reported in Stealth Invasion, an estimated 70 percent or more of the mosques in America are controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood. And 80 percent of the imams who lead these mosques are foreign-born radicals trained in both types of jihad, the mostly peaceful civilizational jihad and the violent call to holy war. Based on the word of their spiritual leader, an imam, a mosque’s members can be switched from peaceful to violent jihad. But either way, their goal is the same: domination.

Stealth Invasion was out there for six years, attracting almost no attention from the major market movers in the conservative movement. I wondered why, out of the blue in January of 2023, the book was suddenly banned by Amazon. Now it is clear. Someone, likely someone very powerful in the U.S. government, knew something big was about to happen and notified Amazon that this particular book needed to be banned. After several years of cooling down, the global jihad movement was about to heat up. They did not want Americans knowing how all these Muslims got here. They want you to believe they all came here over the last two or three years through Joe Biden’s porous U.S. border. The truth is, your tax dollars have been supporting a resettlement program that dates back to 1980 and that many of our “conservative” GOP leaders who have walked the halls of Congress and sat behind the desk in the Oval Office have supported the program that brought these people here from their jihadist nests overseas.

No, I do not buy that it was a “mistake,” as Henry Kissinger now tells us, to have brought these people here from hostile lands holding fast to anti-Western cultures and religious beliefs. It was part of a well-designed plan to deconstruct America and take down its freedom-loving middle class. And no matter how much our politicians and media talk now about the dangers and how we once again need to fear the “terrorist,” rest assured that both Democrats and Republicans participated in the plan to bring them here. It’s all documented in my book.

They tell us this is “Israel’s 9/11.” Never forget what happened after the first 9/11. We lost many of our individual freedoms during a period of great fear and confusion. This one will be no different. There will be attacks on American soil and instead of dealing with the core of the problem and shipping the Muslims back to their homelands, you will see politicians on both sides of the aisle calling for more changes in our system. They will say we need a digital ID system and a better way to track the bad guys.

Jihad scares people and our government knows it. Scared people are compliant people. Scared people will beg their governments to protect them. That protection comes with a cost. Never forget that.

Rather than begging for government protection, I suggest we protect ourselves. Get armed. Get trained. Don’t be like those Israelis who lived in the midst of their enemies with no weapons, fully dependent on a corrupt government to save them. When they needed their police and military the most, they didn’t show up.

Guns are great. But guns alone will not save us.

I encourage all Christians around the world to fast and pray, even if it just means skipping one meal and spending a little extra time with God asking for peace, asking for cooler heads to prevail. I sense emotions have risen to a very dangerous level in recent days as we all have seen images and videos that make us sick to our stomachs. War is hell. It always has been. But only in the digital age have we been able to witness it this up close and personal.

Lord have mercy on us all.

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