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LAWLESS OUTRAGE: Corrupt DC Obama Judge Chutkan Refuses to Recuse Despite Glaring Hate for President Trump


There is no law in Washington DC, New York and many cities today.  Corrupt Obama Judge Chutkan proves the point. 

Judge Chutkan was selected to rule over the BS case against President Trump in DC because she is a radical Marxist Obama judge who hates President Trump. 

There that says it all.

There was absolutely no way this corrupt and criminal judge was going to recuse herself from the Trump case in DC.  She is the epitome of corrupt Obama judges.  She is thrilled to be the one to send President Trump to prison on BS charges in her BS court.  She lives for this.  She is the evil and evil is good in the eyes of demons.

President Trump’s attorneys rightly asked that Judge Chutkan recuse herself from President Trump’s case.  But then again who would they give it to – corrupt and evil Obama Judge Amy Berman Jackson?  DC is a swamp and a demonic cesspool.

Despite numerous reasons to recuse, the minimum any person with integrity would gladly and honestly adhere to, Judge Chutkan came up with some total BS that she does not hate President Trump despite the years of evidence to the contrary.

U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan has refused to recuse herself from former President Donald Trump’s 2020 election interference case, rejecting his claims that past comments raise doubts about her fairness.

Trump had accused Chutkan, who was randomly assigned to hear the case, of bias because of remarks she made when doling out harsh sentences to other Jan. 6 defendants.

But she fiercely defended her integrity and commitment to giving Trump a fair shake in a 20-page ruling issued late Wednesday.

This is the end of the US Judicial system.  If Judge Chutkan can oversee President Trump’s case then we have no courts. 

I’ve written about her before.

LAWLESS: Corrupt and Criminal Jack Smith and Judge Believe She Shouldn’t Recuse Despite Real Credible Evidence of Bias

The US dies because there is no longer any fairness in our laws.  The Bidens run free.  Obama, Comey, Hillary and Weissmann commit a coup of the Trump Administration.  The left steals the election.  And the courts throw innocents in prison for non-crimes.  

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