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Laura Loomer Outs the GOP Anti-Trump Establishment

Laura Loomer just destroyed the Anti-Trump GOP Establishment – Well done Laura.

Laura Loomer outed the GOP establishment in California on the 4th of July.

Laura Loomer outed the California GOP establishment that is trying to pass a rule change that would take winner take all delegates in the primary and allocate delegates proportionally.

Yesterday, Conservative Treehouse reported the following:

Mrs. Loomer exposed a three-week old plan by state RNC leadership Jessica Patterson, Shawn Steel and Harmeet Dhillon to change the California Republican primary outcome to a proportional distribution of candidates.

Loomer published the contents of a leaked email from the three organizers Patterson, Steel and Dhillon.

As people realized what was happening, all behind closed doors and hidden from public review, outrage began to surface.

Today, after initially trying to justify her position, Mrs. Dhillon reverses course and now supports the ‘winner-take-all’ option. An option that was always available, but purposefully ignored in the plan to deliver the delegates via proportional distribution. As you will see below, Dhillon an RNC rules committee member, claims she was unaware of the rule and led astray by the statements of Mrs. Patterson and Mr. Steel.

Here is the interview with Loomer at the War Room.

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