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Latest Whitmer Kidnapping Trial – One Fed Tells Another Fed to Drive By Whitmer Cottage – Brothers in the Back Seat Indicted

The government won’t stop until all Americans are in prison and have lost all their God-given rights. 

Here’s the latest on the FBI’s setup of the Whitmer kidnapping.

Confidential human source Dan (employed by FBI) was giving orders to Undercover Agent Mark (also employed by the government).  Dan told Mark to drive the Null brothers (defendants in the latest case) to a cabin to supposedly surveil Governor Whitmer.

So, one government agent is telling another government agent to commit an overt act, and the defendants are getting blamed for it!


Up North Live ABC reported on the case on Friday:

Friday marked the eighth day of testimony in an Antrim County courtroom for the final three men charged in the plot to kidnap Governor Whitmer.

The defendants, Eric Molitor and brothers William and Michael Null, are charged with illegal firearm possession and providing material support to terrorist acts.

Friday’s court proceedings focused on a direct examination of Undercover Agent Mark, also referred to as UCE Mark.

UCE Mark was assigned to Adam Fox in June 2020.

Questions from the prosecution and defense centered around the nighttime surveillance of Governor Whitmer’s cabin near Elk Rapids.

Evidence included audio recordings from inside the vehicle and text messages before the surveillance.

The defense questioned UCE Mark on an offer they say was made to drive the Null brothers to the cabin, and why Mark and the Nulls had received instructions from an informant under the name CHS Dan to be a lookout on the surveillance mission.

“Why is [CHS] Dan, a confidential informant, tasking your car?” Defense Attorney Damian Nunzio asked UCE Mark.

“At the behest of Mr. Fox,” UCE Mark responded.

“But if you just got the task from Mr. Fox, why is Dan now telling you what to do?” Nunzio asked UCE Mark.

That Babylon Bee shared their take on these absurd charges created by the FBI.

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