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FANTASTIC: Latest Intellectual Froglegs Episode Is Out – “Trilogy”

The latest production from Joe Dan Gorman and Intellectual Froglegs is out.  In this edition, Joe Dan Gorman takes on Klaus Schwab and his Great Reject. 

Joe Dan Gorman shares his story at Intellectual Froglegs:

Joe Dan Gorman was born in Dallas, Texas, and raised in the hills of Eastern Kentucky, both of which contribute to his southern sense of independence and humor.

Gorman prospered as a real estate broker, investor, and private consultant, serving as vice president of the one-time largest real estate investment entity in Southern Arizona.

Concurrently, Gorman was fighting a multi-year battle for custody of his son.

Within three months Joe Dan’s business was shuttered, his son was taken from him, and his father died.

Joe Dan learned first hand something akin to the lessons of Job: he went from material success and a beautiful home, to living in his Aunt Jean’s basement. He searched for work everywhere to no avail, not even burger joints were hiring.

Somehow Gorman summoned his Lone Star State grit and reinvented himself and did something completely out of the box: he created a video on his laptop…

Through all of these fiery trials, Joe Dan came into a personal relationship with God, and it surely seems that God “baptized” his imagination: when the going got tough, Gorman got funny. Really funny.

Anyone who watches Intellectual Froglegs gets it: in this era of ideologue ranting and raving on TV, thirty minutes of music-packed, hilarious video is an absolute vacation for the psyche!

In this month’s video, Joe Dan shares his trilogy!

This hilarious video will give you a break from everyday challenges and lift your spirits.  Joe Dan has done it again.

Please watch and support Intellectual Froglegs. 

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