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Lara Logan Trumps Laura Loomer in Michigan

Lara Logan and Laura Loomer

Lara Logan trumps Laura Loomer in Michigan. 

In the days leading up the Jan 6, the GOP in Michigan was focused on events other than the Deep State coup at the Capitol in 2021.  The Michigan GOP was involved in an attempt to removed the election integrity backing Chairman of the Michigan GOP, Kristina Karamo.

WAKE UP MICHIGAN: On Jan 6 There’s a Vote to Remove Kristina Karamo as the Head of the Michigan GOP – You Can Stop This Coup

Laura Loomer joined in on the debate and blasted Karamo on multiple counts.  She then reported on the results of the vote on Jan 6.

A minority of Michigan District Chairs voted to remove Karamo from her position but was it legit?

MICHIGAN MESS: Kristina Karamo Removed from Head of GOP But Is Vote Legit?

Kristina Karamo and Heath Wall joined me to discuss what was going on in the state.  They noted that a legitimate vote was scheduled for Jan 13.

EXCLUSIVE: Michigan GOP Leaders Kristina Karamo and Heath Wall Discuss Legitimacy of Efforts to Overthrow Party Leaders

On Jan 13 a legitimate vote was taken and Karamo won in a landslide.

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Kristina Karamo Wins Valid Vote – Michigan GOP Votes to Keep Karamo

Lara Logan pointed out that Kristina Karamo was chosen to lead the Michigan GOP because she is not owned by the elites in the state.

Logan trumps Loomer. 

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