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LABOR DAY SPECIAL: Bannon on Trump – Third Leader in US History Who Will Change the Direction of the World

Steve Bannon

For only the third time in US history one man will determine the way of the world. 

Steve Bannon nailed it on the War Room ten days ago.

He laid it out.

President Trump is only the third man in history who will reshape the nation and the world over the next few months.

Washington had his victory at Trenton that changed the American Revolution and led to the birth of a new nation, one that he led in its early years that changed the history of the world.

Lincoln was placed in the middle of the Civil War before it started.  His actions to protect American rights and fight the Democrat slave owners who were caught up in the evil institution of slavery were historical.

In April 1865 Lincoln was sworn in for a second term, Lee surrendered to Grant at Appomattox, and Lincoln was assassinated.  He gave his life for his country.

Now President Trump faces the demons trying to destroy this country, American freedoms, and this world.  This next few months will determine the future of the country.

America is at a turning point.  President Trump will determine the future of this country and the world.

See Steve’s thoughts below:

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