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LA Mayor Reportedly Considering Hiring Former Biden FAA Nominee Phillip Washington to Run LAX

Crazy and corrupt LA Mayor Karen Bass is reportedly considering hiring Phillip Washington to lead LAX – one of the busiest airports in the world. 

I reported previously on Phillip Washington at The Gateway Pundit.  Washington previously ran the LA Metro where he is currently under investigation for wrongdoing.  He then left that role to run the Denver airport.

Next, while still under investigation, Washington was nominated by the Biden gang to take over the FAA.  Washington was a shocking pick since he was currently being investigated and because he knows nothing about airplanes, having never been a pilot.

Eventually, the Biden gang was pressured to get rid of Washington.

Biden’s FAA Nominee, Phillip Washington, Withdrew Nomination Due to Connections and Accusations of Fraud, Waste and Abuse, Discrimination, Sexual Misconduct, Nepotism at Former Job

Cece Woods at the Current Report has been on top of the corruption related to Washington for some time.  She shares:

The Current Report confirmed via several sources the rumors that Mayor Karen Bass has been heavily considering hiring former Biden FAA nominee Phillip Washington, who withdrew his nomination to head the agency, after intense scrutiny by the Senate for his lack of aviation experience, to oversee operations for LAX…

…On July 17, 2023, Mike Johnston will be sworn in as the new Mayor of Denver and may opt to appoint a new CEO of Denver International Airport and Washington, who for all intents and purposes given the national exposure for his involvement with alleged corruption, fraud, discrimination and more, will instantly become one of the most unhireable CEO’s in America.

However, not surprisingly, Washington is rumored to be held in high regard with LA Mayor Karen Bass – who may just be his saving grace.

A LinkedIn post showing Washington hosting a fundraiser for Bass’ Mayor Campaign with LA City Council Member Marqueece Harris-Dawson in Denver has fueled the rumors that Washington may make a return to California.

More concerning is that the “Fundraiser” was co-hosted by Mark Falcone who is in the process of developing the Fourth and Central 2 billion dollar development in the Los Angeles Art District. What is striking is that despite clear evidence of Washington and Falcone hosted the event there is no record of monetary or non-monetary contributions to Bass on the LA City Ethics page from Falcone, Washington, or Continuum Partners.

Corruption breeds corruption. 

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