KKK Leader David Duke Supports Democrat Party Deputy Chair and Muslim Keith Ellison | Joe Hoft


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KKK Leader David Duke Supports Democrat Party Deputy Chair and Muslim Keith Ellison

It is no surprise that the Democratic Party which founded the racist hate group the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) would also be the first party to support an outspoken Jew hating Muslim in Keith Ellison for the Party’s head position.

So it is also no surprise that KKK leader David Duke tweeted his support for Ellison for the DNC head post.

It’s unknown what Duke meant by “I mean, at least he knows”.

In spite of gaining the support of former KKK Democrat Congressman David Duke, Minnesota Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison lost his bid to become the chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) on Saturday.

Ellison, the first Muslim elected to Congress, would have been the first Muslim DNC chair. Instead, former Obama Labor Secretary Tom Perez won the DNC chairmanship in the second round. Perez and Ellison were close in the first round with neither gaining enough votes to win the DNC Chair position.

After the final vote was announced protests from about a dozen Keith Ellison supporters ensued, who chanted, repeatedly, “Not big money, party for the people.” They were shushed and over shouted as only Democrats can do. Perez won the vote with 235 of the 435 votes needed to win. Ellison won the other 200.

Perez responded by appointing Ellison deputy chair of the Democratic Party, which was greeted by huge cheers, including from most in the Ellison section. He called for a motion to do so that was passed by voice vote.

Ellison accepted the new position which is not in the DNC’s bylaws so it is unclear what this position would entail. It is also unclear whether Ellison will still leave Congress, which he announced he would do if he won the chair position.

The Main Stream Media attacked candidate Donald Trump before the election for not denouncing David Duke for statements made about Trump. Let’s see what they say about Duke supporting the new DNC Jew hating Deputy Chair.

So will this make any headlines in the liberal media?

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