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Kentucky’s Results in Governor’s Race Are a Sham – The More Elites Ignore the Steal the More It Will Happen

Kentucky AG Daniel Cameron

The race for governor in Kentucky was a sham.  We all know it. 

President Trump supported Kentucky AG Daniel Cameron in the governor’s race.  This appears to be why the gods that own the election process ensured his loss.

In one of the biggest races on Tuesday, Kentucky’s AG lost to a corrupt Democrat governor in red state Kentucky.  But the numbers just don’t add up.

The young handsome, smart and articulate AG Cameron was a shoe-in.  He was well liked in Kentucky and around the country.  But somehow the corrupt governor won the race.  However, when the results are briefly reviewed, you can see that Cameron had the race taken from him.

Cameron’s stock has gone up over the past few years, not down.  He was the excellent candidate in this red state.

Professor David Clements is right.

I’ve written three books about the stolen 2020 Election.  They planned the steal.  They executed the steal.  They covered up the steal.

The more the elites help the steal by ignoring it, the more it will happen. 


1 thought on “Kentucky’s Results in Governor’s Race Are a Sham – The More Elites Ignore the Steal the More It Will Happen”

  1. Abortion is an excuse that the RINOs use to cover up the election crimes which they in some cases support. Mitch has a history of supporting election crimes that lead to his party losing. I consider him to be a saboteur. He and his state party can appear to support the fine, young, conservative candidate for governor.

    It makes no sense that Cameron got fewer votes in your comparisons. There is nothing in Cameron’s background to cause voters to pull back on just that one candidate.


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