Kachelman, Jr.: “The Sky Is Falling!” A look at reality and ruin in the USA. | Joe Hoft


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Kachelman, Jr.: “The Sky Is Falling!” A look at reality and ruin in the USA.

“The Sky Is Falling!” A look at reality and ruin in the USA.

Guest post by John L. Kachelman, Jr.

Daily cries of national catastrophe and calamity share one singular commonality—“the conservative positions are leading the USA into dissolution.” Surely the reader has noted the horrible harangues focused on President Trump and those supporting him. All media, political and judicial attention has become an endless scolding riveted on one man. And, the intensity grows exponentially when corruption and criminalities are revealed on those of “the other side.” One cannot escape the obvious pattern.

What once was an occasional “drip, drip” of hit leaks became a steady stream and at present it is a daily deluge of lies, misinformation, bias, and applauded slander. The political releases and mainstream media reports are fed from the tap root of “evil.” These attack hits are stoked by bitter biased hatred. They are purposefully designed to protect the Elite and control the citizenry.

Consequently, a hurried and frantic response seeks to offer defense to the evil attitude claiming it is a concern for national security and welfare. What is not revealed is that the association of the Perpetrators and their quislings is established by a singular focused hatred. The hatred for this person is fueled by scornful words and maintained by manufactured lies. Those refusing to bow in subservience to the Evil Elite become targets of the viciousness.

This behavior is not novel; it is historic. The pattern is illustrated by history. The result is validated by history.

This evil is revealed in a children’s fable that presents an amazing parallel to modern man. “Chicken Little” illustrates the chaos that is currently manipulating mankind. The fable has an amazing cast: Chicken Little (Henny Penny), Cocky Locky, Ducky Daddles, Goosie Poosie, and the dark Foxy Loxy. It is an entertaining fable until it becomes reality. For a modernized version click here.

The catastrophe is announced by the frantic cry, “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!” that stokes fear and anxiety. The believed lie, even though perceived as reality, has no solid basis. The lie is validated in the modernized version because it was “on the internet.” And the lie is believed by the cast except for one diabolical member who utilizes the lie for personal gratification.

Chicken Little’s exclamation “the sky is falling” has become idiomatic for an unjustified, hysterical calamity. Myriads of “Chicken Littles” have marched through history predicting calamities. Those living in later history look with unbelief that people would be duped by such nonsense. These ask, “How could anyone believe those reports?” Briefly scan a few of the “sky is falling” manipulative lies…

The sky is falling…The calamity stated: American “democracy” was imperiled by those raucous insurrectionists that tried to invade and destroy the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021! The Chicken Littles enhanced the crisis with emotional vocabulary to manipulate fear. We were told our country came very close to experiencing a successful armed coup! There are grim warnings that it could still happen because there remains vociferous opposition to the Elite.

Notice the emotion laden words describing this event: stormed the U.S. Capitol, injuring scores of law enforcement officers, forcing a panicked evacuation of the nation’s political leaders, and threatening the peaceful transfer of power. More than $2.8 million worth of damage was done to the Capitol and grounds. The FBI considers the attack an act of domestic terrorism. The DOJ launched the largest criminal investigation in U.S. history. There are hundreds of cases

Directed to the Chicken Littles of the Elite—IF our nation is threatened by this peaceful protest the only threat is from the onerous suppression and criminal imprisonment and unconstitutional behavior that is documented as the State punished those who disagreed with the Political Elite!

The sky is falling…The calamity stated: The anarchy of BLM protests have been “largely peaceful” and any violence is because of racism. In fact, “more than 93%—have been peaceful”! The Chicken Littles have excitedly run to and fro crying that the anarchist BLM “must be allowed to “vent” because racism excuses them! “The Chicago Black Lives Matter organizer who justified looting as “reparation”  insisted that calling someone a criminal is “based on racism.” Ariel Atkins told WBEZ that her group “100 percent” supports the violent looters who trashed chunks of the Windy City, repeating her claim that it is “reparations.” “The whole idea of criminality is based on racism anyway,” she told the NPR station.”

Directed to the Chicken Littles of the Elite—This is the threat to civility that should have been met with immediate legal enforcement. Despite the lies to justify this anarchy, the sky does not fall when criminals are arrested and imprisoned! The political and media Elites who run about crying the sky is falling to justify this behavior are now chronicled in history’s Hall of Shame.

The sky is falling…The calamity stated: Extreme weather events have damaged communities and raised anxiety over climate change; more frequent and intense heat waves, larger flooding, and worse droughts. To the Chicken Littles who are a basket case bemoaning the reality of the digital thermostat…be at ease and realize summers are always hot and winters are always cold. Be assured that flatulating cows are not destroying the earth.

Directed to the Chicken Littles of the Elite—Understand that true science refuses to validate your scare tactics. The idiotic cry to replace real meat with “plant-based meat” or “lab created meat” is ignorance. We have heard the alarms before as to how certain foods are “bad” and should be avoided, only to have that hysteria reversed. If the Chicken Littles want to eat bugs instead of steak, let them do so and I will have their steak (but look closely at the banquets of the Elite Chicken Littles and you will not see the menu of insects they push onto the citizenry!

The sky is falling…The calamity stated: The pandemic lingers! “Covid continues to mutate and shape shift, creating a viral, ever expanding family tree through its numerous variants and sub-variants, with Eris the latest of interest…it has a growth advantage and there is some evidence to indicate that it can avoid the immune response…we could see a wave of infections…around 500,000 clinically vulnerable people are still affected on a daily basis by the virus; it’s been life altering; another pandemic is inevitable!” And so, the hysteria of the Chicken Littles is heralded by politicians and media.

And the most laughable part of Chicken Little’s pandemic hysteria is chronicled by the National Geographic when it published a heart-wrenching story about Buddy, a German Shepherd that died after being infected with COVID-19. (Do you hear the hysterics ‘The sky is falling because of Buddy’?) However, medical records show Buddy had cancer. This important point was not reported in the story’s headline, which caused a flurry of similar headlines to appear online.

Directed to the Chicken Littles of the Elite—your fear mongering has lost its edge; its hysteria has been replaced with ho-hum. The variants are less and less deadly. We refuse to be shackled by the purveyors of false medicine and hysterical health!

The sky is falling…The calamities are endless: The attempt of the Elite to control and coerce a submissive population is unending.

Regardless of the amount of control the Elite has over the population, it is never enough. There is a voracious appetite to control more. Consequently, the mechanisms used to guarantee control are constant. Space does not permit a full listing of “the sky is falling” hysterics. The reader can add to this list and no doubt included would be these recent “crisis”—the need for higher gasoline prices so gas engines will be eliminated; the urgency to ban all guns because, “America’s cultural worship of guns is deadly. It kills grandfathers”; the SCOTUS abortion ruling is death to women and activists must rise up because Joe Biden’s seemingly drowsy response is inadequate; Democrats hysterically cry that the Border Wall is a horrible, no-good idea and the need for  “Border Security” is non-existent. Chicken Little asserts, There is plainly no need for more security on the border. The Chicken Littles claim illegal entries to the United States began to fall at the turn of the century, and have plummeted since 2006.

It is amazing how Democrats, the Judicial, the mainstream media, and politicians have weaponized aspects of our nation’s governing so the Evil Elite can continue to oppress. And now, they have even weaponized a child’s fable!

One last point… The sky is falling…The calamity stated: The evil that is personified by President Trump must be relentlessly confronted or our nation is doomed!

The continual harangue harassing President Donald J. Trump has resulted in fabricated testimony and imagined charges. He is impeached and indicted as the Evil Elite strive to remove him. The Elite’s applause on the latest indictment is well summarized: “They’re beautiful and intricate, and they probably have a better chance of conviction than anything that I would come up with.” Pelosi, parroting the Chicken Littles of the Ruling Elite, also told the magazine that if Trump won the Republican nomination and the 2024 election against Joe Biden, “it would be a criminal enterprise in the White House.”

Directed to the Chicken Little of the Evil Elite…History once again exposes crass characters. An oration delivered to the city of Boston on July 4, 1844 contains the passage: “To hear their harangues on the eve of the election, one would suppose that the fable of Chicken Little was about to become a truth, and that the sky was actually falling.”

The Evil Elite “Chicken Littles” of our modern era would do well to consider the end of the fable. At the end of the story, all of the hysterical characters were offered safe shelter and security in the den of Foxy Loxy. And when the next morning came only Foxy Loxy remained—all others had been devoured. And the Fox reclined with a satisfied belly, smiled and said, “Silly animals!”

Let the Evil Elite and their quislings understand the “the next morning” is coming. Too late will be the realization they had allowed a hyped hysteria to control their destiny. Their doom is certain. Too true will be their epitaph “Silly People!”

Let the readers take heed to Chicken Little. It is not yet too late to leave the hysterics and follow the absolute reality.

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