Justice Is Gone – Anyone Opposed to the Democrat Far-Left Deep State DOJ and FBI is No Longer Protected by the Law

Today Americans are praying they are not on the wrong side of the law. The problem is the wrong side of the law is not based on the law but rather on which political party you are connected to.

Tucker Carlson shared last night how the US now has a two-tiered legal system today. Those who are part of the corrupt establishment and everybody else –

The $40 million tax payer funded criminal Mueller witch hunt continues in spite of its unconstitutionality and criminality. Mueller and his Deep State gangsters continue in their efforts to remove President Trump from the White House. These criminals protect their fearless criminal leaders from the Clinton and Obama administrations.

Ordinary Americans are outraged as they watch the promotion from the Deep State’s friends in the MSM of the biggest criminal sham in history. The Mueller investigation continues while Americans’ lives are destroyed by this vicious and disgusting gang.

Sean Hannity also listed the number of Americans destroyed by the corrupt Mueller Deep State. He then listed another group of Obama – Clinton related crooks who got away with massive crimes –

Good honest Americans have had enough. We will not stand back and allow a gang of Democrat criminals destroy out country!

President Trump – Please Do Something Now Before Ordinary Americans Begin Taking the Law into their Own Hands!