Justice in America Is Dead – President Trump Responds to CRAZY New York Judge Unjust and Insane Ruling | Joe Hoft


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Justice in America Is Dead – President Trump Responds to CRAZY New York Judge Unjust and Insane Ruling

This is one of the worst trials in US history.  Unfortunately there have been many corrupt trials under the Biden Administration. 

We have never seen the courts so corrupt and dishonest.  Judges used to mean something, now in big city courts a liar is a prince and good men are persecuted.

Today a corrupt and literally insane judge in New York ignored the law to rule in a civil case against President Trump.   Never has a ruling been so unjust in US history.  This was simply grotesque.

President Trump released a statement regarding this insane and unjust ruling.

Statement from President Donald J. Trump on Crooked Joe Biden-directed New York AG Witch Hunt

The Justice System in New York State, and America as a whole, is under assault by partisan, deluded, biased Judges and Prosecutors. Racist, Corrupt A.G. Tish James has been obsessed with “Getting Trump” for years, and used Crooked New York State Judge Engoron to get an illegal, unAmerican judgment against me, my family, and my tremendous business. I helped New York City during its worst of times, and now, while it is overrun with Violent Biden Migrant Crime, the Radicals are doing all they can to kick me out.

This “decision” is a Complete and Total SHAM. There were No Victims, No Damages, No Complaints. Only satisfied Banks and Insurance Companies (which made a ton of money), GREAT Financial Statements, that didn’t even include the most valuable Asset – The TRUMP Brand, IRONCLAD Disclaimers (Buyer Beware, and Do your Own Due Diligence), and amazing Properties all over the World. All the other side had was a ridiculous $18 million valuation of magnificent Mar-a-Lago, an unConstitutional Gag Order, a Consumer Fraud Statute never before used for this purpose, No Jury allowed, and a refusal to send this disgusting charade to the Commercial Division, where it would have been put to a deserving end.

This “case” is OVER ever since the Appellate Division ended it on Statute of Limitations, also letting my daughter Ivanka out of this Witch Hunt. The Democrat Club-controlled Judge Engoron has already been reversed four times on this case, a shameful record, and he will be reversed again. We cannot let injustice stand, and will fight Crooked Joe Biden’s weaponized persecution at every step. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

God please save this country. 

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