Justice Amy Coney Barrett Ruled on Censorship Believing Censoring Hunter Biden Laptop Was Good Thing | Joe Hoft


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Justice Amy Coney Barrett Ruled on Censorship Believing Censoring Hunter Biden Laptop Was Good Thing


Justice Amy Coney Barrett believed the Hunter laptop story was Russian disinformation and relied on this in her argument for government censorship of conservative truth seeking Americans on Big Tech platforms.

Amy Coney Barrett ruled this past week that the government had every right to censor free speech and work with Big Tech firms in doing so.  This was one of the dumbest rulings in American history.

What’s Next After Supreme Court Allowed Government Collusion with Big Tech in Censoring Americans?

The Federalist noted that Justice Barrett thought censoring stories about the Hunter Biden laptop were legitimate:

After summarizing social media companies’ content moderation programs throughout the coronavirus epidemic, Barrett wrote “platforms also applied their misinformation policies during the 2020 Presidential election season.”

“Facebook, in late 2019, unveiled measures to counter foreign interference campaigns and voter suppression efforts,” she wrote. “One month before the election, multiple platforms suppressed a report about Hunter Biden’s laptop, believing that the story originated from a Russian hack-and-leak operation.”

Except the only people who believed this were gullible Democrats who fell for an intelligence hoax peddled by the deep state to protect then-candidate Joe Biden.

On Tuesday, the House Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government revealed several of the 51 former intelligence officials who sought to discredit the laptop as Kremlin interference in Politico were actively on payroll with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The infamous letter published near immediately after the first stories from the laptop surfaced in the New York Post, claimed the computer had “all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.” The statement was made despite the director of national intelligence at the time dismissing allegations of Kremlin interference. His rare on-the-record rebuke would be followed by similar dismissals from the FBI, Department of Justice, and the Department of State — all well before the November election.

Judge Barrett must get her information from the corrupt New York Times or the Washington Post.  Both of these entities are linked to the Deep State and along with the bulk of Big Media outlets, often push propaganda rather than truth for the Deep State.

Big Media has pushed the Trump-Russia collusion lie, the many unconstitutional COVID lies, the lie that the 2020 Election was legit, the lie that Trump supporters started a riot at the Capitol on Jan 6, the lie that Joe Biden is functional, the lie that the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian disinformation, and more.

When a judge believes lies, the country suffers greatly.  Free speech is now a thing of the past thanks to dumb thinking of Barrett and five other justices.  

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