JULIE KELLY: “June Could Be a Nightmare for Jack Smith and the DOJ – Good” | Joe Hoft


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JULIE KELLY: “June Could Be a Nightmare for Jack Smith and the DOJ – Good”

Judge Cannon and Corrupt Jack Smith

The Jack Smith case in Florida is falling apart.  Judge Cannon is calling out the crooked DOJ on their many lies.  In response they are going after Judge Cannon along with their corrupt anti-American Deep State. 

Julie Kelly has attended the hearings in the Florida court and she has this to say:

It is now crystal clear that Jack Smith, Jay Bratt, and David Harbach (former Comey counsel and Smith’s wingman at Obama’s DOJ public integrity unit) have no interest in maintaining a scintilla of integrity/decorum in this imploding case.

All the antics, all the government motions are only about PR spin to make it look like Judge Cannon is the villain here. And she knows a lot more that she cannot say bc much of the proceedings are sealed under CIPA rules.

Bratt’s conduct is the subject of a Congressional inquiry, a DOJ OPR probe (haha) and in Judge Cannon’s courtroom.

A dirty case from start to finish–which is why Cannon appointed a special master in Sept 2022 to prevent the sort of corruption now playing out. Misplaced evidence including “classified” files; an unprecedented armed, dangerous, incognito raid of MAL; false representations to the court; and proof of collusion with Biden’s White House long before an official investigation began–just to name a few scandals.

Part of me thinks Smith hopes Cannon will dismiss the case so he can avoid her relentless pursuit of the truth and bringing this bogus case to trial in a jurisdiction far less hostile to Trump than DC or NYC.

Next month will be even more brutal for the special counsel in Florida as he will be forced to defend what some (Ed Meese) consider his unlawful appointment and evidence of collusion between Biden general counsel, NARA, DOJ and FBI to concoct a documents crime against Donald Trump during a series of hearings.

All this in addition to SCOTUS’ likely reversal of 1512c2 in Jan 6 cases, which could impact Smith’s J6 indictment against Trump in Washington, and remanding immunity question back to DC federal court for more clarification, June could be a nightmare for Jack Smith and the DOJ.


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