Julie Kelly Explains the DC Court’s Radical Third-World Sentencing of Jan 6ers | Joe Hoft


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Julie Kelly Explains the DC Court’s Radical Third-World Sentencing of Jan 6ers

Barack Obama and Joe Biden are hell-bent on destroying this country.  The “judges” they appointed are beyond justice, they have turned into the criminals in their courtrooms.

The Obama-led DC court is so corrupt it will never apply the law and justice to average American citizens.  It is now a given that Americans who love this country, God and America will never receive a fair trial in DC courts.

The innocent Americans who entered the Capitol (many were welcomed in by Capitol police) on Jan 6 are being punished for doing nothing wrong.

Jan 6ers are receiving more severe punishments than any Confederate in the Civil War.  Jefferson Davis only served two years after the war.

This week the DC Appellate Court ruled that the use of a BS law to throw innocent Americans in prison for years was not legitimate.  Too late – their freedom and rights have been destroyed.

Julie Kelly shared that this ruling may be an attempt by the corrupt DC court to push the use of the law that led to this ruling.  The corrupt DOJ and DC Court judges believe it is ok to use an outdated law in a manner different than it was intended to throw innocent people who walked into the Capitol on Jan 6 in prison.  The law shouldn’t be used but the DC court did agree that the sentencing by the DC Court was too harsh.

The Obama/Biden judges hate America and Americans.  They are not for justice.

We have to clean up our courts and remove the criminal prosecutors and radical third world judges in order to save America. 


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