Judicial Watch’s Chris Farrell Says What We All Now Know – “The FBI Is No Longer Capable of Investigating Itself, Nor IS the Justice Department, Nor Is Mueller!”

Judicial Watch’s Chris Farrell was on Lou Dobbs Tonight on FOX Business and he discussed the current status of the FBI, DOJ and Mueller Investigative team. He said what all of America now knows.

Dobbs – …This is an FBI that does- not-function. It doesn’t produce intelligent reports. It doesn’t s do so in anything approaching a timely and efficient manner. What has happened to the old FBI that used to be filled with G men and women actually getting stuff done.

Farrell – Two things Lou, Number one we need grand juries and indictments. I’m tired of all the talk and all the report writing. It goes nowhere its just an attempt to placate the public and put them back to sleep. We need grand juries and indictments.

And point 2, look they’re compromised. They’re done, finished. There needs to be a United States Marshalls special charter or grant given for them to take over these cases and resolve it.

The FBI is no longer capable of investigating itself, nor is the Justice Department, nor is Mueller. They’re finished. You bring in an outside agency. Whether it’s the Marshalls or perhaps some branch or arm of Homeland Security and you give them the charter to come in with new people , a fresh look and let’s clean this up and get it done!

Farrell could not be more correct. For months as the criminal actions from the top of AG Sessions’ DOJ and FBI were uncovered, Americans learned how corrupt and dishonest these gangs really are. Sessions, Rosenstein and Wray all need to be impeached and indicted. Justice cannot come soon enough.

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