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Judge Orders Reporting of Results in El Salvador’s Election Be Done Manually

El Salvador President

El Salvador takes measures during its election to report results manually and not through electronic transmissions. 

El Salvador’s Federal Election Authority ordered that the polling locations manually record polling results after the machines used across the country stopped working.

El Salvador’s Nayib Bukele is headed for what appears to be a landslide victory in the presidential election, with more than 70% of the votes counted as of Monday, according to preliminary results from the country’s Supreme Electoral Court (TSE).

His party is enjoying a wide lead over the opposition. Preliminary results showed Bukele’s Nueva Ideas securing 1,662,313 votes compared to runner-up FMLN’s 139,025 votes as of Monday afternoon.

The results were widely expected in a country where Bukele enjoys immense popularity over a crackdown on gangs that drove down El Salvador’s once-sky-high levels of violence.

Bukele had already declared himself the winner in the race late Sunday, saying: “Today, El Salvador has broken all the records of all the democracies in the world. Since democracies have existed, never has a project won with the quantity of votes that we have won today.”

Earlier on Monday, the federal election authority said it asked polling stations across the country to manually record the results of Sunday’s presidential election after electronic transmission of results stopped updating overnight.

The court said it took its decision based on the country’s electoral code and after actions that “hindered” the transmission of primary results and “other factors beyond the control of the (court),” without elaborating further.

Polling stations are now manually report voting records, with both election officials and party representatives taking “photographic or scanned evidence” of the records before sending them to the court.

It’s amazing watching third world countries conduct elections better than the US.  El Salvador can make changes to the election process immediately and the fix happens to be eliminating electronic tabulations. 

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