Judge Kavanaugh During Ken Starr Investigation Wrote President Clinton had a “Pattern of Revolting Behavior”

Judge Kavanaugh has great instincts – he will make a great Supreme Court Justice!

Judge Kavanaugh who will be the next Supreme Court Justice has great judgement. In the 1990’s Kavanaugh saw right through President Bill Clinton’s lies and perversity –

The far left New York Times reported

Mr. Kavanaugh spent more than three years working for Ken Starr, the independent counsel who investigated a series of scandals during Mr. Clinton’s presidency, and he worked on the report that led the House of Representatives to impeach Mr. Clinton. Mr. Kavanaugh drew up the memo as other members of Mr. Starr’s team were preparing to question Mr. Clinton.

The memo, dated Aug. 15, 1998, was shot through with disgust for Mr. Clinton’s behavior and seemed animated by the deep animosity that had developed between the White House and Mr. Starr’s team.

Kavanaugh continued –

“He has committed perjury (at least) in the Jones case,” Mr. Kavanaugh wrote, referring to the sexual harassment case brought by Paula Jones, an Arkansas state worker who said Mr. Clinton had made lewd advances toward her in a hotel room when he was governor.

“He has lied to his aides,” Mr. Kavanaugh wrote. “He has lied to the American people. He has tried to disgrace you” — meaning Mr. Starr — “and this office with a sustained propaganda campaign that would make Nixon blush.”

“It may not be our job to impose sanctions on him, but it is our job to make his pattern of revolting behavior clear — piece by painful piece,” Mr. Kavanaugh wrote. “Aren’t we failing to fulfill our duty to the American people if we willingly ‘conspire’ with the president in an effort to conceal the true nature of his acts?”

Kavanaugh was right. He will make an excellent Supreme Court Justice!