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Judge Allows Sal Greco Case to Move Forward – Fired for Being Friend of Roger Stone

Fired NYPD officer Sal Greco is moving forward with his case for wrongful termination with the city of New York after judge agrees to move forward with the case. 

This was a no-brainer.

FOX News reported hours ago:

A former NYPD officer alleging that he was wrongfully terminated due to his friendship with former President Trump’s one-time adviser Roger Stone is pushing forward with his federal lawsuit despite a judge dismissing some aspects of the cased related to First Amendment protections.

Sal Greco alleges that then-NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell, Deputy Commissioner Legal Matter Ernest Hart, Commanding Officer of the Internal Affairs Bureau Group Daniel Cutter and Internal Affairs Group Sergeant Jeremy Orenstein “collectively investigated and terminated him due to his personal ‘familial’ and ‘political’ relationships” with Stone, Kristin Davis, members of the OATH Keepers and Proud Boys and “others who support Trump’s America and the political paradigm of Making American Great Again[.]”

The lawsuit, filed in August 2022, makes allegations including that the defendants violated his First Amendment rights of free speech and association.

Greco has shared his story with me and provides ample evidence that he was singled out politically by the corrupt city of New York.

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I’ve interviewed Greco on the Joe Hoft Show and discussed this case as well.

Sal Greco on The Joe Hoft Show – 4 August 2023 on the Corrupt Mayor of NYC Eric Adams

Here is the latest filing in the case.

DecisionOrder Greco Case Moving Forward by Joe Ho on Scribd

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