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Jovan Pulitzer Claimed to Have the Answers to the 2020 Election But Unfortunately Flamed Out

Jovan Pulitzer

Jovan Pulitizer was outed this past week on Twitter by a young woman in New Hampshire who trusted him to make a video for her but never did.  She shared her story.  This was the end of Jovan Pulitzer. 

Jovan Pulitzer came out of nowhere after the 2020 Election.  He claimed to have the answer to how to fix the election and ensure clean and fair elections going forward.  His idea was believable but unfortunately he never could produce.

Pulitzer dabbled in many efforts surrounding the election and made a name for himself.  He got a radio show and I had him on mine.  He would share bizarre stories that were unbelievable.  There was a reason for this.

This past week a young lady in New Hampshire shared how Jovan had taken reportedly $30,000 from her to put together a movie for her of the election issues in New Hampshire.  After years of nothing, she finally came out and shared her nightmare.

A guy by the name of George explained his experience on Twitter related to Jovan.  It’s similar to many others.

This guy is one of the biggest FRAUDS in the election integrity movement and people like him need to be rooted out if we want free & fair elections in 2024

His fake name is Jovan Hutton Pulitzer but his actual name is Jeffry Philyaw, I wonder why he would change his name to make it sound more prestigious, to con people into trusting him?

He came out of nowhere after the rigged 2020 election and gathered many people’s attention because he claimed he could detect ballot fraud like no other with his “kinematic artifacts” detection method. Regrettably, people like myself and many others promoted him and got the Arizona State Legislature to award him a sweet contract to conduct the paper audit in the 2021 Maricopa County Audit.

Despite all the hype and hefty payments, Jovan ultimately FAILED to conclude his “report” in time for the audit presentation. And what he came out with many months later was a blob of nonsense no one could trust or verify.

About the Arizona situation, the only person who finalized his findings from the paper audit side was a gentleman named Erich Speckin who found 25,000 problematic ballots in Maricopa County. Myself and @TheNickyMo  got the information and invited Speckin to do a live stream to talk about his findings and Jovan went on an all-out war to prevent the release of the information. He claimed us doing a show on the information would jeopardize future legal proceedings and that the Arizona Attorney General was conducting a behind-the-scenes investigation that would end if we did the show, in reality Jovan just didn’t want people to realize someone had done what he couldn’t, DELIVER.

Recently New Hampshire patriot Marilyn Todd released some very disturbing news. She told the world that a few years ago, she signed a $30,000 contract with Jovan for him to produce a documentary using footage documenting election fraud in New Hampshire gathered from the last 20 years, Jovan himself wrote the contract and all he had to do was put together clips to create a comprehensive story. After many deadlines and extensions, you guessed it, he still didn’t DELIVER. $30,000 was awarded and not a single clip was produced. Jovan should just change his name to NEVER DELIVERS What Jovan does deliver are constant attacks against people who are doing legitimate work. For example, Jovan declared an all-out war against Former New Mexico professor and prosecutor @theprofsrecord  and his wife for completing election audits in multiple New Mexico counties. Jovan wanted to sue Professor Clements because he claimed only he had the legal right to use the phrase “forensic audit,” evidently, Mr. Philyaw did NOT DELIVER on that promise to sue as well.

You would think with this atrocious record of griftiness, everyone would see it but unfortunately, Jovan has amassed a following that defends him no matter what he does. I don’t blame them, at some point, we were all fooled by this fraud.

Jovan shared some bizarre and unprofessional things when on camera.  Here is an example from one of those moments.

The story of Jovan Pulitzer has reached its end.  It started with high hopes but unfortunately flamed out.   

5 thoughts on “Jovan Pulitzer Claimed to Have the Answers to the 2020 Election But Unfortunately Flamed Out”

  1. Pulitzer was one of many who have come forth about their knowledge of election engineering, who stopped just short of the mark of real explanation. The REAL people who have made the REAL discoveries and have REAL PROOF of what has gone down, like the Clements, are the ones who need our support.

  2. I have downloaded on my computer many reports that Jovan released concerning his 2020 Full Forensic Audit in Maricopa County AZ. He has the real facts about the maladministration and malfeasance that took place there. Why don’t you try looking up his reports so you actually know the TRUTH you are refuting.
    It is obvious that you and your friends are all attacking Jovan together now to in order to sully the great work and true facts that Jovan found through his Kinematic Artifact Detection and forensic processes. Why did you stop covering his work after 2021. It is fine if you don’t like Jovan but to withhold the great Truth in his work from the American people is not fine! Are you on the other side or what?

  3. Jovan Pulitzer has given us a TON of information on what was found on the audit if you would just read it, and unlike others who went around to various states and lawmakers and told them “oh you dont have to put your name on the line with an audit right now, you can just let the people canvass and then IF we find something you can do an audit” and ran out the clock so no other states were done and ballots destroyed…
    If you would bother to CHECK his work that was made available, you would see the work is quite detailed and results are shocking!

  4. Pretty sad when the target of your article is not allowed to make a post in rebuttal….
    Says a lot about your integrity imho

    • Absolutely! We want to see Jovan’s response to this article to allow him to dispute lies that were touted here. What could it hurt if you are really saying or trying to find the TRUTH?


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