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John L. Kachelman, Jr.: The Lords of War: The Income Factor


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The Lords of War: The income factor

Guest post by John L. Kachelman, Jr.

Step into a realm that this article considers fictional. It continues my discussion of a “fictionalized” controlling group I called “Lords of War” (LOW). Now, among the general orders in this controlling group (and there are several), is a group identified by the acronym “LOWEST.” These are the “Lords of War Executive Status Team.” Among those in this group are many from worldwide locations that serve to further “the submissive protocol” of LOW. These are the “Executives.”

These occupy, ironically, the highest level of LOW. So appropriately they are the LOWEST of the LOW.

The discussion on the LOW continues as we focused on the sole objective of the LOWEST of the LOW—money!

The probability of tyranny is undeniable. Historically tyrants are ruthless Rulers as they divide the Ruled population into groups that are assigned unequal value. The deceptive devilry of the methodology of the “submission protocol” (discussed earlier) is well structured and has been tweaked through the centuries so that in the present day, the process is well entrenched by those in elected and bureaucratic positions. In fact, “the submissive protocol” is amazingly effective and has recently been proven in worldwide controls. Other pertinent factors insulating the Lords of War worldwide rule and reign have been considered: “true value of humanity is redefined”; “the subliminal directives”; “the restructuring of cultural mores” and a number of other factors. An examination of these malevolent actions offers insight to the invisible control that those in the most insignificant echelons follow without thought.

The personification of tyranny has evolved through civilization and today it is not restricted to a national boundary but it has metastasized into a worldwide entity.

This current examination of the “Lords of War: The income factor” is interesting but unsettling. It reveals the utter disregard for basic inalienable human rights! Millions march in goosestep, uttering mindless regurgitations of “the approved messages” from the reigning Lords of War. And, in the end, it all focuses upon a valued exchange item “that perishes with using.”

In their final end, the Rulers hold absolutely nothing of value in their hands. All of their conniving chicanery, every ounce of their corrupt revenue, every inch of their protected property, every step on their success ladder to affluence—all disappears and they are left with only a gnawing emptiness. The profuse pious accolades spoken in their eulogies celebrate nothing.

The “income factor” of the LOW is dependent upon the control of the population. Only as the population is bemused by the LOW’s propaganda can increased income be generated. Thus, there must be an absolute control if profits are to maximized. If that absolute control requires an absolute repression and oppression, the LOW sanctions the flagrant violations of civility and fosters the divisiveness into “groups” that will propel the LOWEST of the LOW to sit comfortably and manipulate conformity.

An interesting article suggests that there are certain ways in which the population’s total compliance can be obtained. This absolute conformity serves well the evil LOWEST of the LOW. It is taken from a Congressional Record from 1963. There is a list of 45 objectives to achieve in order to render the USA a hapless puppet on the worldwide stage. The objectives listed are amazing when considered they were set forth in 1958 and then publicized 1963 America. And, the American population allowed their culture to be changed to permit the scheme and even today complicity submit!

The analyst asks, “How did such a great nation’s population, allow such to transpire?” The dissection of such a query has to belong to another section in this overall exposure of the LOWEST of the LOW. But, suffice it to say that the answer is summed up by one word—Money. The insatiable hunger for more revenue fed the dissolution and created the revision of our nation’s vision.

The LOWEST of the LOW do not care for anything except “one more dollar.” “One more dollar” will given them satisfaction. But they never find it and relentlessly pursue their sordid, failed policies.

The most useful tool in their box of evil control is carnal war. Through carnal war they manipulate nations to do their bidding. And, according to their “revisional value of humanity protocol,” those sent into the “meat grinders” are not the most valued—they are expendables and useful for the LOWEST of the LOW to gain income.

Through carnal war several objectives are obtained:

National sovereignty is ignored and all begin to think on the worldwide level—thus national distinction is erased. Somehow populations are convinced that they must instill their national governing upon another nation that has not requested it.

National ethics and mores become numb—these are desensitized as one marches to the orders of the approved LOW propaganda. No longer is individualism accountable, in fact it is totally removed. One ceases to think for himself and succumbs to “group think.”

National status is surrendered—this worldwide calamity requires a worldwide governing to correct it. And, amazingly this worldwide governing has its own agenda and ignores its initial justification.

The cessation of carnal wars is the impossible dream for the naturalist, humanists and irreligious. The Lord said, “(Y)ou will be hearing of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not alarmed, for those things must take place” (The Bible, Matthew 26:6).

However, in order for the hate-filled war mongers to continue stoking the propaganda machines and inflaming the animosity that devastates nations, fuel suffering to populations, and dehumanizes individuals. All is used by the LOWEST of the LOW to enrich their financial portfolios. And, tragically the zombied population, with a mesmerized stare applauding and accepting what they are told.

But the real income for the LOWEST of the LOW is found in the mechanics of carnal wars themselves. The political platitudes justifying such are well crafted. The virtuous presence of those clamoring for worldwide civility, in front of the media is well choregraphed.

But the REAL objective is the production and availability of the weapons of carnal war! The battlefield provides an excellent use of old munitions and the testing of new munitions. No lab adequately serves as the real-life lab of literal battlefield’s blood, guts, severed limbs, destruction of life and the savagery of unrestrained evil.

This is not condemning carnal war when a nation is forced to defend its sovereignty, protect its citizens’ inalienable rights, repulse heinous evils, and uphold its Constitution. There is absolute justification for strong national defense.

Consider the income situation that challenges the LOWEST of the LOW. When the world is not facing “WWIII” then munitions accumulate. If munitions degrade to a certain point they must be destroyed. BUT that destruction will mean a loss of finances! So, there must be a contrived way by which the aging munitions can be utilized and profits secured. And, this is the interesting aspect of this fictional narrative, IF the aging munitions are spent then new munitions must be bought! Is this not an interesting but subtle ploy by which the LOWEST of the LOW secure their financial investment and then increase the portfolio ten-fold? And the mesmerized citizenry applauds and accepts the “forever war strategy”!

Now, let’s add to this fictionalized narrative another plot. The forever war enthusiasts are delighted at the expenditure of munitions and weaponry. After all, this appears to be a chivalrous and self-sacrificing duty (self-sacrificing to anyone but those connected with the LOWEST of the LOW). What happens when the munitions and weaponry began to reach diminished levels? What if another hot-spot suddenly erupts and more munitions and weaponry are needed? With the reduced supply then there must be immediate over-production schedules to replenish and keep adequate reserves. Sounds logical does it not? But, guess who really is benefitting from the over-production, the sales of resupply and the blood and guts consequential to the evil? The answer is simple, it is the LOWEST of the LOW.

And so, the politics of forever wars are financed by those belonging to the LOWEST of the LOW because e they want money. Indeed, as noted above, these miscreants, ironically, occupy the highest level of LOW. So appropriately they are the LOWEST of the LOW. Chew on that seeming contradiction and you will get certain indigestion from a realization of how our world has been deliberately changed so the Rulers have absolute control over the stupefied Ruled. It is time to wake up!

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