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JOHN L. KACHELMAN, JR.: The Amazing Blind “Lame” Politicians

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The Amazing Blind “Lame” Politicians

Guest post by John L. Kachelman, Jr.

It was reported that CNN has now filed for a gag order on President Trump. The utter absurdity, the incredulous inanity of this and the absolute arrogance of the bias MSM is thus in full display. CNN is to be a news media source but it has become a news propaganda machine. It seeks to not only control the content of what is published but now it seeks to dictate the people it presents. If these fail to follow the arrogant, biased propaganda of the “news” their mics are muted or now, an ever further devolving into authoritarian tyranny, they are “gagged.”

Scripture’s practicality is seen in Proverbs 26:7, “The legs of the lame are not equal.” Scripture’s reality is sadly illustrated in the unequal treatment of those who dare defy the governing Elite and the Deep State Bureaucrats in Washington.

Let the governing, hypocritical Elite take their own medicine. In Rayburn 2212, there was a public hearing scheduled with the topic, HEARING – SILENCED DISSENT: THE PLIGHT OF POLITICAL PRISONERS AND SEARCH FOR ACCOUNTABILITY, Thursday, June 13, 2024, 3:00 pm.

Introducing this hearing are these words:

Across the globe, individuals continue to be targeted, arrested, and imprisoned for peacefully exercising their rights to freedom of speech, assembly, and association. Persecution on political grounds represents a fundamental violation of human rights and democratic principles. Autocrats and dictators’ unjust detention of political prisoners undermines the rule of law, stifles free expression, and erodes the fabric of civil society. It also takes an unimaginably heavy toll on their families and loved ones.”

Truth is consistent, so what applies for the foreign nations regarding “free speech” and “open dissent on current rulers,” should be consistently applied IF IT IS TRUTH. If it is not truth and is not pursued by the governing administration, it is NOT TRUTH.

And now we are told that one involved in a national debate has to be gagged! How can one justify this unconstitutional action? How can a “free press” even imagine such tyrannical control? The answers to these queries reveal a distressing reveal of our nation.

Inspiration is correct, “the legs of the lame are not equal.” According to Washington it is “Justice for ME and not THEE!” And, it is THEIR brand of “justice.” And it is THEIR arrogance to determine what citizens should hear. But all of their incensed rhetoric applies NOT to the USA but to other nations! And, the politicians refuse to see their “lameness” and the American sheeple just walk on by…

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