JOHN KACHELMAN, JR.: The Delusional Disorder of the Biden Administration, The Democratic Party and the Servile RINOS | Joe Hoft


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JOHN KACHELMAN, JR.: The Delusional Disorder of the Biden Administration, The Democratic Party and the Servile RINOS

The Delusional Disorder of the Biden Administration, The Democratic Party and the Servile RINOS

Guest post by John L. Kachelman, Jr.

A “delusional disorder” is a psychotic disorder. Delusions are defined in psychology as beliefs that persist despite evidence to the contrary. Delusions are often associated with mental illnesses; can encompass a wide range of topics and are resistant to logical reasoning or contradictory evidence. These reality-impairing beliefs could feasibly occur in real life but remain firmly held despite evidence to the contrary.

Delusional disorders in one’s private life are disruptive and even deadly. Delusional disorders in the political realm are disastrous and historically documented. Sadly, political delusions, even with the historical validation, are repeated by those convinced that the past does not apply and they will rewrite history (thus is a delusional, invincible megalomania).

The current politicians would do well to admit this historical fact. They are currently walking the same pathway that will inevitably seat them alongside the delusional tyrants of chronicled history. Yet, they seem to care very little about how their choices are charting history’s judgment for the future’s record.

Consider the delusional disorder of our current national Administration, the politicians in Congress and the bureaucrats of the “Deep State.”

In the current theatre of election verbiage comes another delusional comment from Joe Biden as he recklessly vilifies President Donald Trump. It is outrageous but it well-defines the disorder discussed in this article. Biden babbles, “He (i.e. President Trump) will try to undo everything we’ve done. Make no mistake … He will try.” In a typical asinine manner by which Democrats and RINOS delusionally process real-life, Biden has imagined a scare tactic and is using that to dissuade support for President Trump’s election. Biden expects President Trump to “undo” all that he has done. Such a list will include the below but is not limited to the below (much more can be added).

Biden’s Failures that President Trump Must “UNDO”

  • Withdraw from Afghanistan—surrendering weaponry that has been used to further savage terrorism throughout the world; he aided and abetted the enemy. The delusional disorder is framed by the Administration’s shameful statement that the “withdrawal would be orderly, and that the Afghanistan government was stable upon America’s departure”!
  • Rampant racism has increased. Under the last two Democratic Administrations the evil Specter of racism has enjoyed unprecedented applause and encouragement. Our nation has never had such divisive Administrations.
  • Allowed an unfettered invasion of our nation by embracing the illegal entry and castigating those who attempt to uphold the Law he has welcomed know terrorists, perverts and gang members.
  • Dishonoring the military—under Biden’s WOKE military chiefs, our military branches have the lowest recruiting ever recorded and now are forced to take dropouts to meet the quota.
  • Urged mutilation of children who are not old enough to make rational choices but are old enough to become the pawns in the hands of evil controllers.
  • Urged porn in school libraries and cursed parental concerns. Instead of morality being upheld, the WOKE Judicial System has targeted parents for retribution.
  • Pushed WOKENESS in every facet of the American life—from entertainment, to educational, to recreation, to the military, and even to religion! The basic laws of liberty and the inalienable rights of citizens are deleted from daily justice.
  • Pushed the “green agenda” that is biased against the common people as the Elite enjoys all fossil fuel conveniences but the common citizen is denied the same conveniences. Why does the Elite choose fossil fuel aircrafts and vehicles? Why does the Elite refuse to use wind turbines as their exclusive electrical sources?
  • Lost prestige and the prestige of the USA is the lowest ever recorded on the world stage. He has been taught well to “lead from behind.”
  • Delusionally thinking that the USA’s military is the “world’s police” and thus has a “right” to interfere with other sovereign nations demanding that nations comply with the dictates of the USA.
  • Lowest approval ever in the current political polls.
  • Weaponized justice for his personal vendetta of political enemies. The US Department of Justice knows nothing about adjudication based on unbiased law. The guilty are freed and the innocent are confined.
  • Weaponized taxation to coerce or punish political opponents or to reward political cronies for support.
  • Weaponized the Federal government’s regulations to coerce compliance of citizens, cities, States and even Churches to bow in submission to the Administration’s mandates.
  • Food productivity is destroyed. Many manufacturing and processing plants have been destroyed and meat producers have been decimated. The absurd urging is for plant-based foods and bugs instead of meats—but this is only for those not among the Elite who feast to the full as they gather at their exclusive red-meat banquets! No bugs for them as only the most expensive cuts and prime Wagyu is on the menu!
  • Betrayed the security of the United States of America by integrating our nation’s sovereignty with those seeking a “universal, one-world” governing that will control economic, health, and life’s security.
  • Compromised the security of our nation by the delusional disorder underlying the “southern border chaos.” Read carefully this poignant observation: “Another Biden disaster happened at the southern border. The number of illegal immigrants that streamed into the country this year, all because of Biden’s refusal to enforce our immigration laws, is stunning. That number includes thousands of so-called amnesty seekers, who are generally released into the country with an order that they show up for a hearing in the distant future—an order that often goes ignored. It also includes people who are unvaccinated or infected with COVID-19, as well as gang members, drug traffickers, sex traffickers and even individuals on terrorism watchlists. The president’s primary duty is to ‘take care that the laws be faithfully executed.’ Biden has willfully failed to do so. That is an impeachable offense.”
  • Inflation was denied as non-existent. There was a delusional disorder that said there is not “unchecked inflation.” Increased prices of everything and has fueled the historic shortage of commodities.
  • The electoral process has been compromised and corrupted. Until 2020 is corrected and adjudicated and punishment is meted, there will be no more “free” elections.
  • Encouraged civil anarchy but oppressed peaceful protestors. The USA has recorded an explosive increase of criminality under Democratic Administrations. From the Federal level to the local level, Biden’s “tolerance” of criminals and “torture” of citizens is unparalleled in our nation’s chronicles. And, thanks to the Biden DOJ there is no sight of this anarchy abating.
  • Cognition, ethical, and physical alertness is glibly excused.
  • Corrupted the Constitutional authority as his puppet master continues to destroy our Nation’s Constitution. Biden continues to “reign” as if the United States Constitution is “a charter of negative liberties” and that the Constitution must be changed to bring about “redistributive change.”

We are being told that if President Trump is elected then he will “undo” all that Biden, the Democratic Party, and the servile RINOS have “accomplished.” The list above is not exhaustive, but it is enough to underscore the tenuousness of our freedom.

If our nation is to remain and our Republic is to continue, then all that has been done, by the above listed scoundrels, MUST be “UNDONE.”

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