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Joe Hoft to Speak at the ReAwaken America Tour in Las Vegas Friday with General Flynn, Roger Stone, Don Trump, Jr., Devin Nunes and More


The ReAwaken America Tour continues tomorrow in Las Vegas and Joe Hoft will be one of many speakers at this month’s event. 

Clay Clark’s ReAwaken America Tour continues tomorrow with another slate of great speakers and attendees.

This weekend’s event will be held in Las Vegas at the Craig Ranch Regional Park.  The event began on Thursday night (August 24) with an evening of prayer at the event.

On Friday the event kicks with prayer followed by General Flynn leading the Pledge of Allegiance.  After that, numerous speakers will present on topics related to politics, the 2020 Election Steal, COVID crimes and the World Economic Forum.

Great speakers at this event include General Flynn, Roger Stone, Devin Nunes, Donald Trump, Jr., Mike Lindell, Joe Hoft, and more.  Many doctors will present, including Dr. Simone Gold, Dr. Eric Nepute, and many more.

Throughout the event pastors and religious leaders will also share and lead in prayers.

Tim Ballard will present on Saturday evening about the story that he was the inspiration for – “The Sound of Freedom”.

The list of participants and the agenda can be found here.

We’ll see you there. 

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