Joe Hoft on Redeemer Broadcasting

Top News Stories – Joe Hoft
What are some of the top news stories from the point of view of a key journalist of our times? COVID continues to be in the news. Are there highlights that are not being reported because news outlets are trying to be political? What have we learned about India? How about Israel? How is the vaccine doing? Is there anything being covered up? And the 3 November election. Now that documentation is continuing to build regarding fraud, what are some highlights? Will we ever get to the bottom of what transpired in the past presidential election? Today we talk with the contributing editor of The Gateway Pundit. He shares what events took place in his life – the education and experiences that helped him become an internationally travelled auditor. How did these experiences help him in reporting the ignored news of the past election? His auditing in the financial corporate world intersects with some of the principles of integrity that are involved in a forensic audit in the election. Participants: Joe Hoft, Dan Elmendorf

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