Joe Hoft from the Gateway Pundit Discusses His New Book – In God We Trust – Not in Lying Liberal Lunatics

Joe Hoft from the Gateway Pundit was on with Jim Malliard from the Malliard Report on Tuesday July 14th to discuss his new book – In God We Trust – Not in Lying Liberal Lunatics.

(The interview can be listened to below.)

In the interview Joe discussed the topics from his book, his brother’s efforts in building the Gateway Pundit, President Trump’s incredible accomplishments since taking office, censorship of conservatives (which even Jim Malliard could relate to), the Deep State, Mueller, the FISA fraud and system, Admiral Rogers and much more.

Joe suggested watching the movie Snowden which addresses the US Intel Communities spying on Americans and the FISA Court. Joe also suggests watching the documentary A Good American about Bill Binney where the corruption and spying of the Intel community is addressed. Finally, Joe suggested reviewing the audit report of FISA abuse released in April 2017 (months after it was completed and presented to the FISA Court).

The above items all are related to the Carter Page FISA and the spying on the Trump campaign and Administration by Obama’s Deep State. Listen to the full interview below:

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