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Jim Jordan Nominated for Speaker by GOP Caucus

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Jim Jordan won the vote by Republicans to be the next Speaker of the US House. 

Jim Jordan won the GOP’s vote for Speaker of the US House.

House Republicans voted Friday to nominate conservative firebrand Jim Jordan for speaker of the House — the latest twist in a chaotic battle for speakership.

Jordan, the chairman of the Judiciary Committee, received 124 votes to secure the nomination — still more than 90 votes shy of the 217 he will need to grab the gavel in a vote on the House floor, according to members and aides who were the room. That floor vote has not yet been scheduled.

A secret ballot vote shortly after the nomination showed 55 House Republicans would not support Jordan on the House floor for speaker — complicating his path to becoming speaker.

Jordan, a two-time NCAA wrestling champion, has been a voice for justice as the rest of the government has been totally corrupted.

President Trump backed Jordan.  This is the best potential Speaker in the House for decades.

Here is some data on Jordan’s voting record per Liberty score:

Mike Johnson (R-La.) has a 74% conservative vote record.
Steve Scalise (R- La.) has a 58% conservative vote record.
Auston Scott (R-GA.) has a 65% conservative vote record.
Jim Jordan (R-Oh) has a 94% conservative vote record.

Jordan is a choice the Trump base will back. 

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