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Jack Smith Hiding Documents from President Trump in Weak Case Where DOJ Raided Trump’s Home

Corrupt DOJ Hit-Man Jack Smith is withholding documents from President Trump that are legally his. 

Corrupt and creepy Jack Smith is withholding documents from President Trump’s attorneys in the case related to the FBI’s raid on President Trump’s home.

Julie Kelly lays out this case and corrupt Jack Smith’s actions.

Some legal eagles on our side claim the classified docs case is a slam dunk and stronger than J6 case. I disagree.

Smith will have to prove a number of things. First, that the 191 or so docs collected by archives in Jan 2022 were actually “classified” and Trump had no right to have them. FBI opened investigation based on NARAs claims that those files were indeed “classified.”

Smith will also have to prove that the 38 files produced by Trump in June 2022 didn’t meet subpoena’s demand. That’s critical bc the FBI raid of Mar-a-Lago was based on DOJ claims that Trump was not fully in compliance with the subpoena.

Then Smith will have to prove—most importantly—the 100 files taken from Mar-a-Lago (out of 13,000 pieces of “evidence”) were in fact classified and met the requirements of the subpoena.

What struck me is that during July hearing, Judge Cannon SPECIFICALLY asked Jay Bratt (Smith prosecutor) about the classification status of the documents. He said they were treating them as classified but undergoing a “classification review.” He later stated the review was complete and SURPRISE! all the documents were classified.

This appears to be the evidence Smith is still withholding from Trump and perhaps the judge. Not sure she’s going to go along with that much longer.

This case is and always was garbage. Its only purpose was to hound Trump and justify unprecedented raid of a former president’s home.

See the tweets below:

Remember the corrupt National Archives started this case.  It would be good to know all the details behind why they decided to not help President Trump, the only President on record, move his documents from the White House to his home.

Biden, Garland, Jack Smith and the DOJ are corrupt criminals.  They should be behind bars in the DC gulag, not innocent Americans. 


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