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It’s Out With the Uniparty and In With Conservatives in Louisiana

Louisiana State Capitol

The Louisiana Citizen Advocacy Group (LACAG) put real conservatives in place in 72% of the races last week. 

Across the country, Americans are working to fill the Republican Party with conservatives.  The Louisiana Citizen Advocacy Group (LACAG) is one entity that is doing just that.

Of the 61 races in which LACAG made endorsements and supported candidates, 44 candidates won their races.  The importance of this success can’t be overstated.  This means that we are now on the verge of changing the culture in the State legislature, of returning it to the citizens of Louisiana, away from the big special interest groups who have ruled the legislative process for too long.  Specifically regarding the State Senate, where it is said “good legislation goes to die”, we contributed to the election of a number of staunch constitutional conservatives who will ensure that the Senate becomes a very different body, responsive to the needs and concerns of ordinary Louisiana citizens.

Rudy Giuliani said in a recent interview at the Joe Hoft Show that the Democrat Party has principles today that are “greed and Marxism” which is why they never disagree on anything.

How Could Jan 6 Be an Insurrection When It was “Virtual…Without Weapons”? – Rudy Giuliani with Dr. Maria Ryan

The Democrat Party is done.  This is why we must save America through the GOP.  We must replace the corrupt actors who claim to be conservative who really hate conservatives and America.

People like the Romneys, the Bushes, the McCains, and numerous bad actors like Robin Vos, Brad Raffensperger, Brian Kemp, Chris Christie, and more, need to go.  We don’t like them and we don’t want them.  They fit better in the Marxist DNC.

Congratuations to LACAG.  Well Done.  You are an example for other groups throughout the USA. 


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