IT’S OFFICIAL: Democrats Have Zero Integrity – Fully Rotten to the Core | Joe Hoft


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IT’S OFFICIAL: Democrats Have Zero Integrity – Fully Rotten to the Core

The Democrats are officially a totally corrupt and criminal organization.

Today’s hearing about the many Biden family crimes related to selling out the United States for many millions for favors from foreign entities and enemies was not only ignored by the Democrats, it was attacked as if the Bidens were innocent beings.

The Democrat Party has lost all integrity.  There is no one in the party with one ounce of integrity left.

The Democrats who are hell-bent on destroying the US, have no problems with the Obamas and Bidens taking a sledge hammer to the US Constitution.

Two Whistleblowers shared ample evidence to convict the Biden family of sedition and selling out the US for millions.

But despite mountains of evidence, the Democrats claimed the totally insane – Hunter Biden is a victim.

Democrat Jonathon Turley roasted his fellow Democrats after every single one of them ignored the Biden family crimes.

The hearing was getting weird due to the Democrats’ actions to look the other way.

The Democrats’ questions were insane.

All integrity is lost in the Democrat Party.

Like before the Civil War when Democrats would do anything to keep their slaves, today’s Democrat Party will do anything to destroy this country.

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