IT’S OFFICIAL – BIDEN/OBAMA Take Away President Trump’s Right to Free Speech | Joe Hoft


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IT’S OFFICIAL – BIDEN/OBAMA Take Away President Trump’s Right to Free Speech

It’s official – the courts and DOJ in Washington DC and most of America no longer stand for justice.  They stand for the criminal trade. 

Barack Hussein Obama hates America and Americans.  He showed it during his Administration and now during Biden’s Administration.

The US has been totally corrupted under Obama/Biden.  The Justice System and the Judicial system now align with the banana republics, and communist and fascist governments of the past.

Goon Obama Judge Tanya Chutkan made it official moments ago.  The Obama judge married to an Obama judge should have recused herself from the case, but that is not how the judiciary works today.  The Mueller gang of Trump haters was allowed to attack canddiate and PResident Trump and now Biden, Obama, Jack Smith and corrupt Judge Chutkan move forward with their crimes.

These people really need to be in jail – not allowed to put people in jail.

Today corrupt and communist Judge Chutkan claimed that she has the power to control what President Trump says.  

What an ignorant sad woman.

Laura Loomer says it well:

Just as I said earlier today, the worst thing happened. Judge Tanya Chutkan, the judge in President Trump’s case who was appointed by Obama, just imposed a gag order on President Trump. This means he’s is not allowed to publicly comment or post on social media about Special Counsel Jack Smith, Smith’s staff, the court staff and “potential witnesses” in the case. Total violation of President Trump’s First Amendment rights, blatant election interference, and THIRD WORLD BEHAVIOR. THIS IS SO UN AMERICAN I CANNOT BELIEVE WHAT A SHIT HOLE AMERICA HAD TURNED INTO!! ELECTION INTERFERENCE!!!

If the Supreme Court does not soon get involved in these unconstitutional actions against President Trump and America, the country will be gone – rotted by Obama/Biden from the inside. 

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