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IT’S HAPPENING: 13 Oregon Counties Vote to Join Idaho


Thirteen Oregon Counties have voted to leave Oregon and join the state of Idaho.  

The citizens of New California started a movement and provided a way that Americans can separate and protect themselves from tyranny.

This effort started a movement across the USA.  Citizens in Oregon in 13 counties decided to separate from Oregon and join the state of Idaho.  A local Oregon news site shared on Wednesday:

A total of 13 eastern Oregon counties have voted in favor of being absorbed into Idaho.

Crook County residents voted Tuesday on a measure that would allow the county to join the Greater Idaho movement. The movement seeks to move the Oregon-Idaho border to incorporate parts of eastern Oregon into the Gem State, specifically 14 full Oregon counties and three partial ones. As of Wednesday afternoon, the measure in Crook County is set to pass, making it the 13th county to join the movement.

Although the measure is on track to pass, votes won’t be certified in Crook County until June. If the measure does pass, it doesn’t mean the move would automatically happen; rather, it would show both state legislatures and Congress that voters support it.

“The voters of eastern Oregon have spoken loudly and clearly about their desire to see border talks move forward. With this latest result in Crook County, there’s no excuse left for the Legislature and Governor to continue to ignore the people’s wishes,” said Matt McCaw, the executive director of the Greater Idaho movement. “We call on the Governor, Speaker of the House, and Senate President to sit down with us and discuss next steps towards changing governance for eastern Oregonians, as well as for the legislature to begin holding hearings on what a potential border change will look like.”

Crook County joins 12 other eastern Oregon counties that have already passed a measure in support of moving the border: Baker, Grant, Harney, Jefferson, Klamath, Lake, Malheur, Morrow, Sherman, Union, Wheeler and Wallowa.

The state of New California started this movement.  Recently a section of Baton Rouge separated from the city and created their own city ran by competent citizens in Louisiana.

HOPE FOR NEW CALIFORNIA: St. George, Louisiana Separates from Democrat Baton Rouge

New California has been used the West Virginia model from the Civil War to separate and create a new state of New California.  This entity will leave LA, San Fran and Sacramento to California and move the rest of the counties in the state to New California.  The model in Oregon is to move to Idaho but this may require the approval from the corrupt Oregon legislature.

If this doesn’t work then these states will likely move to the New California and West Virginia model and create a new state.  That would be great as well and would allow these citizens to no longer live under tyranny. 

1 thought on “IT’S HAPPENING: 13 Oregon Counties Vote to Join Idaho”

  1. Best of Luck to all the great Patriots who understand how the Founding Fathers saw the need for the state split process as the result of the rise of a tyrant and a tyranny within their states. Article IV, Sections 3 & 4 of the U.S. Constitution is the road map to create a new state and stop the tyrants. Paul Preston, President, Founder New California State.


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