IT’S A HEAD FAKE – DON’T BUY IT: Corrupt Deep State Wants to Take Focus Off of Criminal DOJ and Biden Regime | Joe Hoft


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IT’S A HEAD FAKE – DON’T BUY IT: Corrupt Deep State Wants to Take Focus Off of Criminal DOJ and Biden Regime

Senator Bob Menendez is a crook but he’s also a patsy. 

Yesterday it was reported that Senator Bob Menendez and his wife were arrested for bribery.  Even far-left publications were in on the news.  This went against their norm of ignoring news of corruption by the criminal Democrat Party and Deep State.

Far-left Politico reported:

After getting home from an unofficial-turned-sanctioned trip to Egypt in October 2021, New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez searched on Google: “how much is one kilo of gold worth.”

He had some gold bars laying around, according to an indictment prosecutors unveiled on Friday alleging he took them as bribes from New Jersey businesspeople in a scheme that aided the Egyptian government.

Then, around Jan. 29, 2022, Menendez looked on Google again. He would have found that the number had risen slightly to about $58,000. Maybe it was still too low.

On March 31, 2022, his wife Nadine sold two of those 1 kg gold bars in Manhattan. At that time, market prices suggest she probably would have pulled in around a cool $120,000; the spot price of gold at the time had risen to about $62,000 per kilogram.

And if Menendez made the same search Friday, he would find out that the price of gold was about $61,908. So, maybe he sold at just the right time.

The gold bars are just part of the biggest scandal yet for the 69-year-old politician, who has dodged numerous controversies in his career.

In the indictment, prosecutors put on display pictures of the gold and cash they discovered at his home during a June 2022 court-authorized search. Those gifts, alongside home furniture and a Mercedes-Benz convertible that prosecutors say the businesspeople gifted her after she got in a car accident, are some of the eye-popping details that emerged from a juicy indictment prosecutors unveiled on Friday.

But why Menendez and why now?

We’ve seen gifts much larger from the Biden family and we’ve heard that there is much more that Hunter and the Biden gang received from China.

Attorney: Biden’s DOJ Is Hiding Hundreds of Hunter Biden and James Biden’s Records on China Gifts

The media is using corrupt Menendez.  He’s a patsy – a fall guy.  He’s certainly corrupt, but not near the corruption as the Biden gang.

Don’t be fooled.  This is a head fake to take the attention away from the Biden gang.  This is also an effort by the DOJ to pretend to be unbiased.

But after the years of abuse and massive corruption, after the many Jan 6 cases where innocents are being thrown in prison and labeled insurrectionists and terrorists for walking through the US Capital and no more, after the nearly thousand years of BS indictments against President Trump on made up charges, after the totally corrupt Russia Collusion sham that they created with the assistance of Barack Obama, Hillary and Joe Biden, after the early morning raids against individuals and their families who pray at abortion clinics, DON’T BELIEVE THEM.  THEY ARE NOT GOOD PEOPLE. 

Menendez is a head fake, don’t buy it. 

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