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Another voter firm is identified similar to GBI Stratagies LLC.  AMT uses out of state organizers funded by big money. 

Last week one of the top stories in the country was the uncovering of a police report from October 2020 in Muskegon, Michigan.

Per the report, on October 8, 2020, a person dropped off between 8,000-10,000 completed voter registration applications in Muskegon, Michigan.  City Clerk Ann Meisch obviously noticed.

Per a review of the voter applications, it was uncovered that:

  • numerous forms appeared to have been completed by the same writer
  • addresses on multiple forms were invalid or non-existent
  • phone numbers were erroneous
  • signatures didn’t match

On October 16 the Muskegon Police Department was contacted and asked to investigate.

On October 20 the same person brought in another 2,500 forms.

Michigan State Police got involved and an investigator assigned to the case spoke with the female suspect who explained that she was being paid $1150/week “to find un-registered voters and provide them with a form so they can get registered to vote or obtain their absentee ballot.”

After documenting these crimes and investigating for weeks, the Michigan police turned their investigation over to the FBI which promptly buried the findings.

In the report the police named ‘GBI Strategies‘ as the organization running the scheme.  GBI Strategies LLC is:

  • connected to the Biden campaign and various Democrat campaign committees.
  • has been in operation since 2014.
  • was paid $1,571,386 by the Doug Jones for Senate campaign back in 2018.

This group had branches across the nation.

The police found at one location (Southfield) in Michigan –

  • partially completed voter registration forms
  • “pelican cases in the room with semi-automatic rifles joined with suppressors and optics and customized pistols.”
  • A case with “4 rifles and 4 pistols.”
  • “Dozens of new phones” and “Hundreds of pre-paid payment cards.”

Michigan State Senator Ruth Johnson, who is a former Secretary of State, told the Gateway Pundit:

My estimate is over 800,000 ballot applications were sent to non-qualified voters in Michigan, including many individuals who moved or died, and even some individuals who were underage or non-citizens. Many were sent to people who had moved out of state.”

We later uncovered that GBI Strategies LLC was disolved in 2017 per the Tennessee Secretary of State website.  See the story below:

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Multimillion Dollar GBI Strategies LLC – Target in 2020 Michigan Police Report Regarding Election Crimes – Was Dissolved in Tennessee in 2017!

It appears that GBI Strategies was only one outfit that has been involved in putting together voter names and signatures for elections.  Advanced Micro Targeting (AMT) is a similar outfit that recently inserted itself into the Nevada election.

Just when we thought that GBI’s armed operations with pre-paid payment cards and large voter registration signature drops wasn’t bizarre enough, the existence of a sister-type operation has recently emerged known as AMT (Advanced Micro Targeting).

Both AMT and GBI receive funding from very well-funded out-of-state PACs (e.g. Black Pac which funded GBI Strategies LLC was given millions from Michael Bloomberg), and both perform obscure tasks in the realm of voter signature and data gathering.

In 2022, ranked choice voting was on the ballot in Nevada and a constitutional change was necessary to put this radical election practice in place which virtually requires election systems to provide the results.

Millions of dollars were spent on this initiate, with $23 million spent by those in favor of the initiative and $2 million spent by those who opposed.  The initiative passed with 525,000 votes to 467,000 opposed.

The liberal PAC “Nevada Voters First” that backed this initiative was registered by an attorney by the name of Todd Bice.  He raised millions on this initiative from large money donors from out of state.

One large out of state donor to Nevada Voters First was Kathryn Murdock, from the FOX family fortune.  She worked at the Clinton Climate Initiative for four years.

A report from April 2022 showed that money came into Nevada Voters First from a union, a casino family and Reid Hoffman, the founder of LinkedIn who is currently backing wacko E. Jean Carroll in her bizarre allegations that President Trump raped years ago but she’s not sure what year.

CE Reports NV Voters Pac Funders by Joe Ho on Scribd

AMT showed up in Nevada months before the November vote and was funded by Nevada Voters First.  $1,250,000 was paid to AMT by Nevada Voters First in April and May of 2022. (See below)

CE AMT $$$ From NV Voters First by Joe Ho on Scribd

AMT operates under the umbrella of installing initiatives on ballots such as Rank Choice Voting, Marijuana, and Abortion bills.  Nevada residents may have seen these AMT folks with clipboards at their favorite grocery store when they approached you saying “excuse me, are you registered to vote”?

Per our source on the ground, the employees hired by AMT from out of state reportedly didn’t leave the state until the November election was over.

In the primary, $2 million was spent to get the initiative on the November ballot.  With 135,000 signatures, the cost per signature was an estimated $15 per signature gathered per Ballotpedia.  The number of signatures required for this initiative to be on the November ballot was 135,561, the same number that was received.

Both GBI and AMT pay their workers very well.  AMT paid their workers $20 per hour as this ad from May 2022 shows.

Their employees that come from out of state are provided rental cars and are lodged in nice hotels per the observation of our source onsite. (See picture above.)

In Ohio AMT was proud of their workers who were part of gathering over 700,000 for a pro-abortion initiative.

While the initiatives that AMT supports are very important to leftist causes that want to destroy our country, it is easy to see that the real value of the ocean of signatures retrieved is their use in voter registrations, voter rolls, on-demand ballots, and other aspects of our vulnerable election system.

AMT is similarly puzzling to GBI Strategies and part of what appears to be a countrywide voter registration industrial complex. 

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