Islamic Protestors Shut Down Street in PA Capitol in Anti-Israel Rage | Joe Hoft


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Islamic Protestors Shut Down Street in PA Capitol in Anti-Israel Rage

Islam Protest in PA

The protest at the state Capitol in PA did take place yesterday and led to at least one road being shut down by the protestors. 

Yesterday’s protest at the state capitol in PA did take place after hard rains pounded the Capitol.  Numerous other events scheduled in or near the capitol were cancelled due to concerns for violence.  The same people who arranged this protest were behind violent protests in recent weeks across the east coast.

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Pro-Palestine Group Meeting at PA Capitol Today – Citizens Expecting Violence

Far-left Penn Live reported on the event and  made some outrageous statements in its reporting.

A protest rally and march in support of a longer-term ceasefire in Gaza shut down roving portions of downtown Harrisburg Sunday afternoon, as protestors assembled at the Capitol and marched up Second Street to the PA Governor’s Mansion and back.

Organizers and attendees – many of them Pennsylvanians of Palestinian descent – called for a cessation of hostilities and the release of all prisoners and hostages in the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, where Israeli airstrikes have claimed the lives of thousands of Palestinian civilians.

Of course there is no support behind Penn Live’s statement that most of the participants were from PA but they will report anything the left tells them.

When radicals like Linda Sarsour, a Palestinian-American activist and co-founder of The Women’s March, say they want hostages released they are referring to the terrorists captured by Israel and held in prisons in that country.   It’s doubtful that they have any regards for any of the more than 250 Israeli hostages captured, kidnapped, raped and killed in Gaza by Hamas.

These radicals make up false statements to support their position including genocide.  Penn Live reports them without challenging the lies.

“The narrative here is ‘we’re trying to hit Hamas,’ but the reality of the situation is there’s carpet bombing going on. Carpet bombing is indiscriminate, it’s not something that’s targeting Hamas strongholds,” Karim Alshurafa, a Palestinian-American from Pittsburgh, told PennLive.

Alshurafa said he has lost 45 family members – both those he knew as well as more distant relatives – in the recent violence.
“Open genocide is what it’s being called,” Alshurafa said, and what has happened – indiscriminate killings that seem less like an offensive against Hamas and more like an attempt to eliminate Palestinians as a whole – meet the definition of the term in his mind, Alshurafa said.

The media in the US is dead.  They accept lies and inflammatory talk as long as it is directed towards Jews and the US. 


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