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Islam Takes Over Washington DC with Thousands at an Anti-Israel Rally


A massive crowd showed up today in Washington DC at a pro-Palestine anti-Israel rally.

This never would have occurred if it weren’t for the actions of Barack Hussein Obama.   Obama began bringing people from terrorist nations to the US and after President Trump stopped it, the Biden regime put the same policy in place and put it on steroids.

The Southern border is wide open and we have no idea who has entered this country.  Today we got a glimpse of some of the new arrivals.

Of course, historians would say that members of the Jewish faith are from the land of Israel. But don’t tell that to this group.

Some Nazi signs were reported in the crowd.

Members of those who backed the crowd were quick to say they represented all of America.

Tonight, thousands went to the White House and reportedly began climbing the walls.

What are the odds that this would start in DC?

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