Is Speaker McCarthy Slow Rolling Jan 6 Tapes and Investigation to Protect Paul Ryan’s Involvement? | Joe Hoft


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Is Speaker McCarthy Slow Rolling Jan 6 Tapes and Investigation to Protect Paul Ryan’s Involvement?

Is Speaker McCarthy slow-rolling any Jan 6 investigation to Paul Ryan RINOs in the House?

Kevin McCarthy promised to release video from Jan 6 to the public.  He then selected Tucker Carlson and his staff as the only media outlet who was allowed to see the video.  This was hardly what he promised and what America wanted.

Tucker Carlson Announces Speaker McCarthy Granted Unfettered Access to Jan. 6 Footage – Will Release Findings Next Week (VIDEO)

A short time later, Tucker shared video on his show on FOX News.

Trump Reacts to January 6 Surveillance Footage Released by Tucker Carlson

Tucker was only allowed to show limited video coverage on FOX.  The next day Chuck Schumer complained about the video being released and future video coverage of Jan 6 was limited on his show.  A few weeks later Tucker Carlson was fired from FOX.  Former Speaker Paul Ryan is a Board member of FOX.

It’s as if McCarthy, who is a friend of Paul Ryan’s, knew Tucker was going to be allowed to only show one day of Jan 6 video on his show and then he was going to be fired.  What a great way to BS the country and pretend you were going to release Jan 6 video.  It was never ever going to be released. 

If Paul Ryan was involved in the Jan 6 “Fedsurection” he surely wouldn’t want anyone to know it.  He is a Republican and it would be very unbecoming to be caught being involved in setting up innocent Americans and President Trump after stealing his 2020 Election.

Yesterday, we learned that Speaker Pelosi lied and said that she never spoke to the Head of the Capitol Police on Jan 6.  Former Capitol Police Chief Sund testified that he spoke with Pelosi three times on Jan 6 and that he has proof.  Pelosi fired Sund on Jan 7, the day after the “Fedsurection”.

PELOSI LIED! Former Capitol Police Chief Sund Testifies He Had 3 Calls with Pelosi on Jan. 6 – Pelosi Said They Never Spoke – But Sund Says He Has the Receipts! (VIDEO)

One man mentioned in Sund’s testimony above was former Sergeant at Arms of the United States House of Representatives, Paul Irving.  Sund shared that he reached out to Irving before Jan 6 to bring in the National Guard but Irving “didn’t like the optics”.

Irving was brought into the House as Sergeant of Arms by former Speaker John Boehner in 2012.  Then he worked for Paul Ryan who was speaker and then Nancy Pelosi.

Irving refused troops before Jan 6 and then on Jan 6 when Sund requested troops it was at least an hour before any arrived at the Capitol.  Sund discusses this above and mentions that at that time Irving reported to Pelosi.

According to the far-left Washington Post, Irving told Rep. Zoe Lofgren the doors to the Capitol were locked and “nobody can get in”.  However, The Gateway Pundit obtained evidence that the Capitol doors were opened from the inside and that someone had to do this.

WE WERE RIGHT: Jan-6er Defense Attorney Confirms the US Capitol Magnetic Columbus Doors Were Opened from the Inside

Irving was let go by Pelosi on Jan 7 along with Sund.  No one has been charged for opening the Capitol doors on Jan 6.  The cover-up continues.  Were two Speakers involved in the events on Jan 6?


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  1. As awful as Ryan is, he was not in any official position to influence J6 events.

    But, giving the tapes only to Faux News is suspicious.


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