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Is Paul Ryan a Democrat in Disguise?

Whose side is Paul Ryan on? It appears that Speaker Ryan is more of a Democrat than a Republican.

Before the election Speaker Ryan was no friend of President elect Donald Trump. He privately told his piers in Congress that he would never support Donald Trump. Now that the President is in office it appears that he is sticking to this position.

Since President Trump’s Inauguration on January 20th, the President has signed a number of Executive Orders. Through March 28th, the President had signed 32 Executive Orders.

The President has:

-Selected the newly appointed Supreme Court Judge
-Reversed Obama’s climate change policy
-Issued two travel bans on travelers from a select number of countries
-Reversed Obama era water regulations
-Reversed Obama era coal regulations
-Began the process for eliminating unwanted government regulations
-Issued two orders for the creation of pipelines
-Withdrew from the TPP

To highlight a few.

The US Senate at least voted in Gorsuch as the new Supreme Court Judge.

But the results from Speaker Ryan’s US House of Representatives are basically zero, zilch, nothing.

US citizens want Obamacare repealed and replaced and the high burdensome taxes reduced but after no material results to date, Congress is now on vacation.

It’s time for Speaker Ryan to either get some work done for the American people or resign.



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