Is It a “Psyop” or “The Greatest Show on Earth”? – Only Time Will Tell | Joe Hoft


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Is It a “Psyop” or “The Greatest Show on Earth”? – Only Time Will Tell

Is “The Greatest Show on Earth” the most incredible sting in world history, or is it a Pysop?  We all hope for the former but how can we be sure?

A psyop is propaganda, a sort of communication or advertisement aimed at influencing a targeted group’s way of thinking or decision- making.  

Most people don’t want to be used or manipulated in any way.  Others want to influence and manipulate us in every way for their own power.  These forces are attacking us every day whether we want to admit it or not.

This is good versus evil and it’s happening every second of every day.

A movie was recently released that claims that President Trump is part of an effort to take back America from the criminals that currently run it.  We might all agree on this.

But the movie, “THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH” asserts much more than this.  It asserts that there is an operation that has been going on for some time and it suggests that President Trump is still in charge of the US despite Joe Biden stealing the election from him in 2020.

The movie goes on to show many of the successful events that occurred before during and after President Trump’s first term in office.  President Trump’s missions abroad were heavily covered.

Then the movie mentions a law that took place in known as the Act of 1871.  This was reported on and President Trump shared this in a retruth of an interview of Jen Halper-Hayes in the UK.

This retruth from President Trump certainly gave this theory light.

On the other side of the spectrum are those who say the theory is false. 

Naysayers of the theory label it preposterous and fantasy.  No one is coming to save the day.

Some believe that this is a psyop that keeps people at bay and from rioting in the streets.  These people believe that this story keeps people peaceful in the face of the communist destruction of America that we have seen on rocket fuel since Obama took over the White house.

It is really up to you to decide.   

See the movie below:

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