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IRS Whistleblowers Drop Bombs in Front of US House – Livestream Here

IRS Whistleblowers drop bombs in front of the US House.

Townhall reports:

On Wednesday afternoon, the House Oversight Committee chaired by James Comer (R-KY) will convene a hearing with two IRS whistleblowers to learn more about the agency’s handling of the Hunter Biden investigation. One, Gary Shapley, has already become known for his testimony about what he witnessed as a supervisory agent. The other is identified by the Oversight Committee as “Whistleblower X.”

Whistleblower X says in his opening statement that he’s a gay Democrat who’s been with the IRS since 2010 after working as an external auditor for Ernst & Young. His IRS career included work on tax and money laundering investigations and as a health care fraud coordinator and a public information officer. Subsequently, “X” became part of the International Tax and Financial Crimes Group based in D.C. in 2018…

…My own agency retaliated against me and threatened me with criminal conduct in response to an internal email I sent to IRS leadership, even after years of essentially being left on an island when it came to this investigation. It is not my desire to become a martyr for this case — and I fear effectively ending my career. I did not ask to be in this position, nor did I want to be…

At the end of the day, I worked on a complex criminal tax investigation over the last 5 years and the investigative process is 999% done and we were in the process of bringing the case to indictment. Since October of 2022, the Delaware AUSAs and DOJ-Tax had effectively stopped communicating with me and my team has ultimately been removed from the investigative team.

See the live stream here:

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