Iowa’s Caitlin Clark Expected to Pass Brittney Griner on All-Time NCAA Women’s Scoring List Tonight | Joe Hoft


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Iowa’s Caitlin Clark Expected to Pass Brittney Griner on All-Time NCAA Women’s Scoring List Tonight

Caitlin Clark is set to pass Brittney Griner tonight and move into 4th place all-time on the NCAA Women’s scoring list. 

According to ESPN, Caitlin Clark is set to pass the top scorers of all-time this year and become the leading scorer all-time in NCAA women’s basketball history if she remains healthy.

Currently Clark is in 5th place, but by scoring her average tonight (30 ppg), Clark could move into 4th place all-time.

Here are the current all-time standings.

Kelsey Plum closed her college career at Washington with 3,527 points, the NCAA Division I scoring record. Through her most recent game on Jan. 13, Caitlin Clark has 3,274 points. Here’s a look at the top 10:

1. Kelsey Plum, Washington (2013-17): 3,527
2. Kelsey Mitchell, Ohio State (2014-18): 3,402
3. Jackie Stiles, Missouri State (1997-2001): 3,393
4. Brittney Griner, Baylor (2009-13): 3,283
5. Caitlin Clark, Iowa (2020-24): 3,274
6. Patricia Hoskins, Mississippi Valley State (1985-89): 3,122
7. Lorri Baumann, Drake (1980-84): 3,115
8. Jerica Coley, FIU (2010-14): 3,107
9. Rachel Banham, Minnesota (2011-16): 3,093
10. Ashley Joens, Iowa State (2018-23): 3,060

Brittney Griner is number 4th all-time in NCAA Women’s scoring.  Clark should pass Griner tonight by half-time.

A report compares the two athletes.

There is no question about how incredibly awesome Caitlin is at what she does. However, how her stats balance out when she stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the WNBA veteran is a more accurate scale of her great balling skills. Evidently, Brittney Griner stood at the 4th position on the all-time scoring list. This she got by collecting an ultimate score of 3,283 during her college basketball career. Besides this, Griner ranks 6th among the top all-time men’s and women’s scorers. However, for the total field goals made in college basketball career, the nine-time WNBA All-Star tops the list with a whopping 1,247 points.

On the other hand, Caitlin is breaking all records held by the legends themselves by becoming a scoring machine for the Hawkeyes. Currently, she is holding the fifth position in the all-time scoring list for her college basketball career.

There are some major differences between Clark and Griner that haven’t been reported.

Clarke is only 21 and she went to a Catholic High School in Des Moines, Iowa before joining the Hawkeyes.

Griner was recently arrested in Russia for smoking pot and was exchanged by Biden for a real villain.

And, other reports claim that Griner is not all she pretends to be.  Griner was taped shooting baskets by a pool with her shirt off.  This led many to believe that she was not all she claimed to be.

This is the reality we live in.

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