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INSANITY: Joe Biden Will Not Be Campaigning Again This Year – Will Go Into Hiding

The evil and dishonest left have a way telling you something without saying it out loud. 

Joe Biden is the worst President in US history.  He is destroying America.  Our justice system is now the same as corrupt third world nations.  Those who speak up against this evil and insane regime are persecuted.  America is a mess.

Financially the country has never been worse.  The amount of debt grows by a trillion dollars every quarter now.  Americans are paying more for their goods than any time in history.

Senile and old Joe Biden is not running the country.  He is not running anything.  He’s lost and getting worse.

In 2020 the corrupt left and media hid Joe Biden in his basement.  They wouldn’t let him out.  They were afraid he would say something stupid or meaningless.  When he did get out, only a few people showed up, mostly media.  They were forced to sit in circles.  No one was showing up for Biden rallies.  His campaign was a joke and lie, just like Joe is.

I shared the following after the 2020 Election in the book, The Steal – Volume I: Setting The Stage.

We shared the following on Election Day, November 3, 2020:

Since Labor Day President Trump has entertained massive crowds at his rallies while former VP Biden might as well have stayed in his basement. Some of Biden’s events had no individuals present other than approved press or campaign workers. Many days Biden was not out campaigning …

… While President Trump is bringing in record numbers to his rallies, Biden can’t buy an audience. In 2016 Hillary Clinton brought
in musicians to increase attendance at her rallies. But Biden couldn’t even do that.

President Trump crushed Biden. He had more events even with his 10-day COVID quarantine in mid-October. Plus, the President saw more than 560 times the number of supporters as Biden. (Candidate Trump had nine times the number of supporters at his rallies when compared to Crooked Hillary in 2016.)

It’s going to be worse in 2024.  Biden’s moments before the American people will be almost none.  He won’t have the circles to hide behind.  His handlers will have to pay people to show up.  No one wants Joe Biden back.  He’s a monster and the gang behind him (including Obama) hate him and America.  He is their perfect leader for America.

Time mag reports the following on Biden’s upcoming State of the Union Address:

There will be few other moments between now and November when Biden will have a larger broadcast audience than Thursday night’s address. That means a large part of Biden’s bid to extend his presidency rides on his performance, argues Whit Ayres, a Republican strategist and pollster. “It is an august moment for most Presidents, and it will be particularly important for an aging President who is well behind in the presidential race,” Ayres says.

They know Biden will not be out in public.  They will not allow their people to see the real Joe Biden.

America and the world will however continue to trust what they see and what they see is a corrupt, senile, weird and evil old man.

1 thought on “INSANITY: Joe Biden Will Not Be Campaigning Again This Year – Will Go Into Hiding”

  1. There is this democrat that works at the same company as I do, in Chicago.
    He is telling me that voters will turn on the Republicans, for not funding Ukraine.
    I’ve told him that most Americans no longer really back giving money to Ukraine, as the corrupt people running the Ukraine government are skimming something like 70% of it.
    He is convinced that the 2020 election was not stolen. He is also convinced that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone gunman in JFK’s assassination.
    He thinks that he has something to gain, from the current administration’s corruption.
    Over 20% of the voters are like this.


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